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Hiawassee Park Baptist Retirement Community

Bid date: Aug 16, 2010 (4:00 PM)
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Project location 1600 Highway 76 E,
Hiawassee, GA
Project type New Construction
Project value ($)
Project size (sq. ft.) more than 100,000
Bid status open
Special instructions DO NOT contact the owner. All inquiries MUST be directed to the general contractor, Dan Lichty, at Lichty Commercial Construction. Please email questions and quotes to PLEASE NOTE THAT NEW PLANS HAVE BEEN ISSUED WITH A DATE OF 08-02-10!!! THE PLANS ARE BEING REUPLOADED. IF YOU REFER TO THE NEW COVER PAGE YOU CAN SEE WHICH PLANS HAVE BEEN CHANGED. ALSO, CIVIL PLANS HAVE BEEN ADDED.
Specification manual Yes
No. of drawings 176
Drawings breakdown CVR - 1; ARC - 33; STR - 20; MEC - 18; PLU - 31; FPT - 13; ELE - 38; CIV - 22;
Drawing sheet size 24 x 36


Addendum 1 Date Added: Aug 5, 2010

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Hiawassee Park Baptist Retirement Community (August 16, 2010)              

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