7 Brews Foley AL

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date6/20/22 12:00pm




3231 S Mckenzie St., Foley, AL

New Construction Site Work Utilities Prefab Building, provided by owner
Scope Details:
Scope of work outlined in the drawings includes, but is not limited to:

Site Construction
Demolition of Existing Structure or Site Elements
Excavating and Backfilling
Site Water, Sanitary and Sewer
Site Storm Sewer
Paving and Surfacing including Site Striping
Concrete Curb and Gutter
Site Concrete including Sidewalks, ROW improvement and Flatwork
Fences & Gates including Trash Enclosure

Concrete & Masonry
Cast in Place Concrete for Building Foundation
Walk-In Cooler Pad
Trash Enclosure CMU

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrications
Any other miscellaneous equipment required for building installation

Wood & Plastic
Closed cell insulation crawl space between floor joists
Flashing and joint sealers to exterior after building is set

HVAC Balance and Start-up of RTURTU Supplied by 7 Brew

Final Connections of Water and Sanitary
GC to provide and install grease interceptor (sized per plan)

Electrical Services including Final Connections of Building, Equipment and/or Site Signage and Lighting if on Site

GC to insure all roof penetrations are dried in properly

Pre-Fab Building & Canopy Details
Building to be built and installed by 7-Brew (no cranes needed in bid)
Building will arrive in 2 parts – bottom box and top box
Interiors will be pre-wired, pre-plumbed, with ductwork installed; rooftop unit will be included
GC to be responsible for final connections (mostly under building) – to be inspected on site
Water – line stubbed down below floor, all pex/color-coded
GC to source and install grease trap
Electrical – GC will need to run whips in to J boxes from top box and canopies
Canopies will be installed by 7-Brew (drill and epoxy); GC to ensure top of footer is at same elevation as finished grade around it
Equipment supplier will be in charge of sourcing and installing equipment and tables; GC to run whip from ice machine condenser to disconnect on top box and make final electrical connection to WIC compressor/evaporator (run up side, not through floor)