Fort Gordon Willard Training Area Grovetown GA

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date8/12/22 12:00pm




22nd Street, Grovetown, GA 30813

The Willard Training Area (WTA) is an outdoor training area within the existing Fort Gordon Army installation. It is utilized by the Cyber Center of Excellence for tactical training. We are asking for proposals back by August 12th at noon due to the requirements of the bid form and pricing breakdown structure required for the bid deadline of August 18th.
The work on site includes infrastructure development, the repair of existing training facilities, demolition of unneeded structures, improved roads, parking, and drop off areas, establishment of Logistic Support Areas for soldiers camping on site, a Manhole Training Area, a Pole Orchard, and Tactical Operations Center with new overhead shelters, antenna pads, and generator pads. The buildings in the area also require abatement of asbestos containing floor tile, mastic, piping insulation, caulking, lead paint, removal of PCB ballasts and CFL lighting and wall surfaces containing mold. Building renovations on site include interior demo, renovation of interior wall layout, finishes, paint, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and interconnected telecommunications.
Renovations are also taking place at Building 510 which is an existing pre-engineered metal building of 2,880 square feet located along Range Road in a separate area of the Fort Gordon Army Installation. Renovation work here supports the relocation of various and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems, a new ADA accessible latrine, interior and exterior repairs, and repurposing the existing classroom into a shop.