Scooter's Coffee Grayson GA

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/3/23 2:00pm




2244 Loganville Highway, Grayson, GA 30017

Site Acreage: .48 AC
Building SF: 664 SF
Structural Type: Wood Framed
Brief Project Description: Ground up Scooters. Asphalt and Concrete Paving on Site. Brick and Hardie Exterior. Sealed Concrete Interior.

2. Site Construction
2-c Erosion Control Yes
2-d Sitework, Grading Yes
2-f Site Utilities (Storm, Water, Sewer) Yes
2-j Striping & Site Signage Yes
2-k Asphalt paving Yes
2-m Landscaping Yes
2-n Irrigation Yes
2-r Surveying Yes
2-s Construction Material Testing Yes

3. Concrete
3-a Soil Treatment Yes
3-b Concrete Material Yes – 3000/4000 PSI
3-c Concrete Labor Yes
3-d Concrete Turnkey Proposals Yes
3-e Concrete Pumping Yes
3-f Stone / Aggregate Yes
3-g Rebar / Wire Mesh Yes

4. Masonry
4-a Brick Material Yes – Modular Brick (“Coal Creek” & “Wheat” Smooth Finish)
4-b Block Material Yes – 8” Reg/8” BB
4-c Masonry Accessories Yes
4-d Masonry Labor Yes
4-e Masonry Turnkey Yes – Please include Dumpster and Monument Sign
4-k Precast (Sills, Water Table, Caps) Yes – Stone Sill at Window

5. Metals
5-a Building Steel Material Yes – Dumpster Gates with Metal Decking/Bollards

6. Carpentry
6-a FRP Material Yes
6-b FRP Install Yes
6-h Kitchen Equipment (Install Only) Yes – Install
6-k Lumber Material – Structural Wood Yes
6-l Lumber Install (Bldg Framing) Yes
6-m Bolt Package Yes

7. Thermal and Moisture Protection
7-a Roofing – TPO, Duralast, Flat Roof Yes – 60 MIL Fully Adhered TPO
7-g Hardie Board Yes
7-h Batt Insulation Yes
7-k Caulking Yes

8. Doors and Windows
8-a Doors, Frames, Hardware Yes
8-b Doors, Frames, Hardware Install Yes
8-e Storefront & Glass Yes – Spandrel Glass/Please include Quik Serv Window

9. Finishes
9-a Acoustical Yes
9-b Drywall & Metal Studs Yes; please include wood blocking in your quote
9-f Flooring (Polished, Stained, Epoxy, Sealed) Yes – Sealed Concrete
9-k Painting (Interior & Exterior) Yes

10. Specialties
10-a Bathroom Accessories Yes
10-b Fire Extinguishers Yes

15. Mechanical
15-a Plumbing Yes
15-e HVAC Turnkey Yes
15-g Mechanical Testing & Balance Yes

16. Electrical
16-d Electrical Turnkey Yes