Walmart Remodel 4333-275 Fairhope AL



Bidding Closed

Bid Date11/24/22 12:00pm




10040 County Rd 48, Fairhope, AL 36632

Striping, Seal Coating, Selective Demo, Floor Patching/Concrete infill, Canopy Footings, Misc. Steel, Blocking, Millwork, Joint sealants, Doors and Hardware (FBO), TPO Roofing, Acoustical ceiling, Metal stud framing, Drywall, Tape and Finish, Paint, Pressure Wash Exterior, Fixture Anchoring, Cleaning of Duct, NRP install only, E.I.F.S., Ceramic Tile Install only (full bathroom remodel), Quarry Tile Install only, Resilient Flooring (FBO) Carpet flooring install only, Specialties, Partitions and Accessories install only, Energy Management Install, Sub metering Install, Refrigeration Install, HVAC (RTU FBO), Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler system, Electrical (switch gear and fixtures FBO) .