Community East Retail Center El Paso, TX

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/11/23 2:00pm




1671 Joe Battle Blvd El Paso, TX 79936

The project consists of approx. 45,000sf of retail development spread on a 4 acre site.  There are 7 total retail shell buildings on the site, 4 of which are two story and one tower building.  No tenant improvement work is currently included as a part of this contract.



A. Alternate No. 1:  Amphitheater 

1. Additive Alternate:  The complete construction of the Amphitheater as indicated, but not limited to, Drawing Sheets L101, L103, L106, CA1.1R and CA1.2R and applicable Specification specified in Sections. 


B. Alternate No. 2:  Trellises on the Front Fa├žade (West Elevation) 

1. Additive Alternate:  The complete construction and installation of the Steel Trellises as indicated,  but not limited to, Drawing Sheets CA1.1R, CA1.2R, A1.1R, A1.3R, A1.5R, A4.3, A4.4, A4.5, A4.8, A6.3, A6.4, A6.5 and A6.6  and applicable Specification specified in Sections.