Aldi #68 Marrero, LA

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/10/23 2:00pm




4957 Promenade Blvd Marrero, LA

Morgan Construction Company invites you to bid on the New Aldi Grocery Store Project in Marrero, LA. Please bid on your specific specialty or trade. 

 DESCRIPTION: A new 19,868 sf Aldi grocery store including grading, site utilities & storm, paving, striping & signage, landscaping, concrete, piles, rebar, masonry, structural steel erection, stainless steel, siding, acm panels, millwork, caulking, overhead doors, storefront & windows, drywall, acoustical ceilings, painting, EIFS, ceramic tile, toilet partitions & accessories, plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, electrical.

Attention Bidders,

The architect issued responses related to the site work. 


Do they include the truck well basin #9? (and coming back to set once the ramp is excavated?)

  • The building GC is to furnish and install truck well basin #9 and piping to manhole 10. Manhole 10 will be furnished and installed by Aldi's early site contractor.

Do they include the drainage system to pick up the 7 downspouts, turned up at the face of the building? (and coming back at the appropriate time to make sure it can be lined up tight to the back wall and aligned with scuppers)

  • The building GC will need to pick up the 7 downspout connectors and all 8" piping from the downspout connectors out to Area Inlet 4. Area Inlet 4 will be furnished and installed by the Early Site Contractor

Do they include the perforated drain lines that run along the front edge of the building sidewalk and tie into CB#2 (sheet C-7)?

  • The Building GC will need to include the canopy drain lines and the perforated drain lines shown on C-7 at the side walks. The Building GC will need to carry the 8" canopy drain lines out to Area Inlet #2. Area Inlet #2 will be furnished and installed by the Early Site Contractor.

Do they include drainage lines to pick up the canopy drains?

  • See response above.

Do they include inlet protection, as-builts, and vacuuming storm structures at completion?

  • Yes, the early site contractor will include inlet protection and cleaning their storm lines and as-builts for their storm items. That being said, there will be a handoff with the building GC upon mobilization and the building GC will then pickup maintaining the inlet protection.

We assume we can rely on their accuracy of rim elevations, or them coming back to correct any deviations, prior to paving.

  • We will have their as-builts to prove elevations and accuracy. That being said we will need to review with the building GC site contractor to ensure no issues. If issues are found the Early Site Contractor will be responsible for repairs.

Shall the GC include marking the pile cut-off elevations, trimming, disposing of butts, and treated the cut ends?

  • Yes, the Building GC will be responsible for pile cutoff, disposal, treatment, etc. The early site contractor will rough grade the pad and then will leave the piles roughly 6" above pad grade.

Does the as-built surveying of piles need to be included by the GC?

  • No, we will have the Early Site Contractor provide the as-builts on the driven piles.

We assume we can rely on the accuracy of the piles' driven locations, or be compensated for costs and time for any modifications required to pile caps due to pile tolerance or deviation.

  • That goes without saying. You have to price the job based on the drawings. Any deviations would be change order work or repair work provided by the Early Site Contractor.

Will the pad be left with stone on it?

  • The pad will not be left with stone on it. The early site contractor is going to provide fill/cut to bring the pad within +/-6" of pad elevation. Any stone required by drawings or Geotech would be provided by the awarded GC. You may want to ask a follow-up RFI regarding the necessity of stone on this building pad.

We assume they include the backflows and extending the fire and domestic all the way to where it turns into the building near the Powerwall.

  • The early site contractor is bringing storm, water and sewer to within 5' of the building pad. The fire/domestic connections and stub-up into the pad will be provided by the Building GC.

Do they include the dumpster drain?

  • Dumpster drain and piping out to manhole 5 is by Building GC. The early site contractor will furnish and install Manhole 5, but Building GC will need to make connection to manhole 5.

Do they include camera of the sewer upon completion?

  • Yes, they will be required to camera the sewer upon completion.

Do they include the heated enclosures on the backflows?

  • They will provide what is specified for the backflows.

Do they include any parish-required bollards, concrete pads, painting, etc at backflows, fire hydrant and valves?

  • Any of those items will be handled between Aldi and the Early Site Contractor.

Do they include the tamper switches for the DDCV?

  • Any conduit for a tamper switch is to be provided by the Building GC. Aldi's fire alarm contractor would run wire and install tamper switches. The early site contractor has no electrical in their scope.

Do they include the water crossing at the north driveway?

  • You would need to further clarify this question. The early site contractor is bringing storm, water and sewer to within 5' of the building pad.

Do they include any telecom or primary electrical conduit?

  • See previous responses. The early site contractor has no electrical scope.

Will they haul off site or will they spread all spoils generated by their work?

  • Any excess materials will be hauled off site by the early site contractor.

What is the schedule to have the piles driven and pad turned over to the GC?

  • We are currently targeting a building pad turnover date of 2/13/23. This will include existing utilities relocated, building pad rough grade installed and piles driven. The finalization of storm and utilities will be finished closer to the end of February.

What is the schedule to have water, sewer, and storm completed?

  • See response above.

We assume all the deep sewer connections, sheetpiling, excavations, dewatering, etc will all be completed and cleaned up prior to the GC mobilizing.

  • That is correct.

We assume all demolished water and sewer lines from relocation will be hauled offsite by them.

  • That is correct.