Crossroads Community Phase I Asheville NC

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date11/4/21 3:00pm




20 South Bear Creek Road

1. The Developer is developing the entire 55 acre site which consists of three (3) separate tracts/Projects that includes the this project 262 unit apartment development, a future 200+ unit apartment development, and a 150+ unit senior living development (developed by others).
2. Site development by the Developer (under separate contracts) includes mass grading, storm drainage, utilities, site access road (from S Bear Creek Dr to new developed area), and a new NCDOT turn lane at S Bear Creek.
3. This Project will consist of all site construction from the elevations delivered to the Contractor per the Civil drawings that are included (grading, erosion controls, storm, paving, sidewalks, water/sanitary sewer, etc.). Contractor will provide tie in to utilities installed under the master horizontal development at the points of connection shown on the drawings.
4. All vertical construction of 262 unit apartment development, clubhouse/leasing, pool/amenity areas, parking garages, dog wash, playground area, dumpster/compactor facility, landscape/irrigation.
5. 100% Construction Documents are scheduled to be released January 2022.
6. Construction is scheduled to start May, 2022.