Randolph Cty Courthouse Museum Reno/Elevator Add'n Asheboro, NC

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A-100 Basement Renovation Plan & RCP 579.0 KB
A-101 First Floor Renovation Plan & RCP 766.2 KB
A-102 Second Floor Renovation Plan & RCP 215.3 KB
A-110 Elevator Addition Enlarged Plans 222.8 KB
A-120 Attic Plans & Attic Access Details 340.8 KB
A-301 Elevator Addition Elevations 166.5 KB
A-302 Elevator Addition & Window Elevations 209.5 KB
A-501 Elevator Addition Wall Sections 311.7 KB
A-502 Elevator Shaft Wall Sections 222.1 KB
A-503 Elevator Addition Curtainwall Details 250.8 KB
A-503A Elevator Addition Curtainwall Details 128.2 KB
A-504 Elevator Addition Door Head Jamb Sill Details 252.5 KB
A-504A Elevator Addition Door Head Jamb Sill Details 161.6 KB
A-505 Elevator Lobby Roof Details 176.6 KB
A-506 Elevator Shaft Roof Details 175.5 KB
A-507 Elevator Details 182.4 KB
A-510 Brick Infill Section Details & Flashing Details 141.8 KB
A-601 Enlarged Stair Plans 205.1 KB
A-602 Building Sections @ New Stair 326.2 KB
A-603 New Stair Details @ Landings 521.5 KB
A-604 New Stair Details @ Landings 389.9 KB
A-605 New Stair Details @ Landings 248.7 KB
A-606 Stair Railing Details 113.2 KB
A-701 Alt G-1 Below Grade Waterproofing 275.0 KB
A-702A Alt. G-2a Front Entry Modifications 119.7 KB
A-702B Alt. G-2b, Railing Modifications @ North & West Stairs 164.7 KB
A-706 Alt. G-6, Mezzanine Plan 194.6 KB
A-801 Interior Elevations @ Elevator Addition 146.8 KB
A-802 Interior Elevations @ Rear Stair & Reception Window 129.7 KB
A-803 Interior Elevations @ Rear Stair & New Interior Doors 137.1 KB
A-804 HVAC Cabinet Details 84.4 KB
A-901 Door Schedule & Details 149.5 KB
A-902 Door Details 143.9 KB
A-903 New Interior Door & Frame Details 153.1 KB
A-904 New Exterior North Stair Door Details 267.4 KB
A-905 Signage 130.5 KB
A-906 Signage 109.4 KB
A-1001 Finish Floor Plans 298.5 KB
A-1002 Finish Floor Plans & Schedule 167.0 KB
A-1003 Finish Details 264.5 KB
A-1004 Finish Details 255.5 KB
AD-100 Basement Demolition Plans 240.5 KB
AD-101 First Floor Demolition Plans 820.4 KB
AD-102 Second Floor Demolition Plans 172.3 KB
AD-301 Demolition Elevations 396.1 KB
C-001 Ex. Conditions & Demo Plan 790.8 KB
C-100 Site Plan 763.9 KB
C-101 Site Details 641.6 KB
CS-101 Cover Sheet 736.4 KB
CS-102 Building Data Code Summary 163.8 KB
CS-103 Ul U419 Detail 466.8 KB
CS-104 Ul U906 Detail & Curtainwall Perimeter Details 1.3 MB
CS-111 Basement Life Safety Plan 206.1 KB
CS-112 First Floor Life Safety Plan 280.4 KB
CS-113 Second Floor & Mezzanine Life Safety Plans 268.3 KB
CS-121 Master Hexnote List 135.8 KB
CS-122 Partition Legend 103.1 KB
CS-123 Abbreviations & Symbols 112.0 KB
E-101 Electrical Legends & Drawing List 621.1 KB
E-200 Electrical Basement Renovation Plans 646.9 KB
E-201 Electrical First Floor Renovation Plans 648.0 KB
E-202 Electrical Second Floor Renovation Plans 605.7 KB
E-203 Electrical Attic Renovation Plans 563.4 KB
E-300 Lighting Basement Renovation Plans 673.7 KB
E-301 Lighting First Floor Renovation Plans 691.4 KB
E-302 Lighting Second Floor Renovation Plan 619.9 KB
E-303 Lighting Mezzanine Renovation Plans 563.6 KB
E-400 Special Systems Basement Renovation Plans 619.4 KB
E-401 Special Systems First Floor Renovation Plans 647.1 KB
E-402 Special Systems Second Floor Renovation Plans 604.7 KB
E-501 Panel Schedules 2.2 MB
ED-200 Electrical Basement Demolition Plans 608.7 KB
ED-201 Electrical First Floor Demolition Plans 734.9 KB
ED-202 Electrical Attic Demolition Plans 566.5 KB
ED-300 Lighting Basement Demolition Plans 601.0 KB
ED-301 Lighting First Floor Demolition Plans 750.4 KB
ED-302 Lighting Second Floor & Attic Demolition Plans 596.5 KB
ED-400 Special Systems & Fire Alarm Basement Demolition Plan 603.4 KB
ED-401 Special Systems & Fire Alarm First Floor Demolition Plan 732.4 KB
ED-402 Special Systems & Fire Alarm Second Floor Demolition Plans 593.5 KB
M-101 Notes, Legends & Drawing List 577.4 KB
M-200 Mechanical Basement Renovation Plan 639.1 KB
M-201 Mechanical First Floor Renovation Plan 620.6 KB
M-202 Mechanical Second Floor Renovation Plan 609.0 KB
M-203 Mechanical Attic Renovation Plan 580.9 KB
M-401 Mechanical Schedules 2.2 MB
M-501 Mechanical Details & Control Diagrams 611.2 KB
MD-200 Mechanical Basement Demolition Plan 610.2 KB
MD-201 Mechanical First Floor Demolition Plan 735.5 KB
MD-202 Mechanical Attic Demolition Plan 574.0 KB
P-101 Plumbing Notes & Specifications 571.0 KB
P-200 Plumbing Basement Renovation Plan 627.6 KB
PD-200 Plumbing Basement Demolition Plan 608.9 KB
PD-201 Plumbing First Floor Demolition Plan 730.4 KB
S-101 General Notes, Abbreviations, Drawing Legends & Sheet Index 665.7 KB
S-102 General Notes 204.5 KB
S-201 Elevator Addition Plans 389.5 KB
S-301 New Rear Stair Plans 683.0 KB
S-401 Elevator Tower Wall Elevations 438.4 KB
S-402 New Rear Stair Elevations & Details 307.9 KB
S-403 New Rear Stair Elevations & Details 382.5 KB
S-404 New Rear Stair Elevations & Details 253.5 KB
S-501 Elevator Addition Wall Sections 274.3 KB
S-502 Elevator Addition Wall Sections 314.0 KB
S-601 Foundation Sections & Details 244.7 KB
S-701 Typical Foundation Details & Schedules 394.3 KB
S-702 Typical Masonry Wall Details 473.5 KB
S-801 Framing Sections 259.0 KB
S-901 Typical Framing Details & Schedules 315.0 KB
S-902 Typical Framing Detail & Sections 247.1 KB