Villa Rica Town Center (Publix 2011 + Shops) Villa Rica, GA

New Construction
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1 ALTA NSPS Land Title Survey 389.8 KB
1 ALTA NSPS Land Title Survey 2 626.3 KB
2 ALTA NSPS Land Title Survey 389.8 KB
A0.1 Cover Sheet 695.6 KB
A0.1 Cover Sheet 2 631.2 KB
A0.1 Cover Sheet 3 505.6 KB
A0.2 Infomation Sheet 661.8 KB
A0.2 Information Sheet 673.5 KB
A0.2 Information Sheet 2 628.4 KB
A0.3 Standard Accessibility Ada 1.1 MB
A0.3 Standard Accessibility Ada 2 213.1 KB
A1.1 Architectural Site Plan 1.0 MB
A1.1 Architectural Site Plan 2 1.0 MB
A1.1 Architectural Site Plan 3 1.1 MB
A1.1 Floor Plan 164.1 KB
A1.2 Life Safety Plan 503.8 KB
A1.2 Life Safety Plan 2 55.0 KB
A2.1 Door Window And Finish Schedules 347.3 KB
A2.1 Floor Plan 456.8 KB
A2.1 Floor Plan 2 60.5 KB
A2.1 Publix Floor Plan 535.3 KB
A2.2 Floor Finishes Plan 151.0 KB
A3.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan 200.2 KB
A3.1 Schedules & Glazing 519.9 KB
A3.1 Schedules & Glazing 2 74.2 KB
A4.1 Exterior Elevations 1.1 MB
A4.1 Exterior Elevations 2 187.6 KB
A4.1 Exterior Elevations 3 78.5 KB
A4.1 Soffit Plan 97.4 KB
A4.1F Exterior Finishes 188.8 KB
A4.1F Finish Elevations 1.1 MB
A4.1F Finish Elevations 2 77.6 KB
A5.1 Publix Entrance Tower 1.3 MB
A5.1 Roof Plan 79.3 KB
A5.1 Wall Sections 637.5 KB
A5.1 Wall Sections 2 377.6 KB
A5.2 Publix Canopy Sections 1.3 MB
A5.2 Wall Sections 712.6 KB
A5.2 Wall Sections 2 427.8 KB
A5.3 Publix Wall Sections 793.7 KB
A5.3 Wall Sections 589.3 KB
A5.3 Wall Sections 2 61.6 KB
A5.4 Publix Wall Sections 1.0 MB
A5.4 Wall Sections 563.4 KB
A5.5 Publix Canopy Sections 1.3 MB
A5.5 Wall Sections 772.8 KB
A6.1 Exterior Elevations 209.7 KB
A6.1 Roof Details 1.3 MB
A6.1 Window & Door Details 951.6 KB
A6.1 Window & Door Details 2 501.9 KB
A6.2 Column Details 1.1 MB
A6.2 Pilaster Details 882.9 KB
A6.2 Pilaster Details 2 385.1 KB
A6.3 Exterior Details 1.4 MB
A6.3 Exterior Details 2 202.6 KB
A6.3 Exterior Details 3 716.1 KB
A6.4 Canopy Details 678.3 KB
A6.4 Roof Details 903.7 KB
A6.4 Roof Details 2 143.1 KB
A6.5 Details 866.1 KB
A6.5 Details 2 1.2 MB
A6.5 Dumpster Details 879.0 KB
A6.6 Interior Details 666.1 KB
A7.1 Building Sections And Interior Elevations 275.4 KB
A7.2 Interior Elevations 120.7 KB
A7.3 Wall Sections 133.3 KB
A7.4 Wall Sections 96.1 KB
A7.5 Wall Sections 70.3 KB
A8.1 Publix Sidewalk Plan 689.1 KB
A8.1 Sidewalk Plan 357.8 KB
A8.1 Sidewalk Plan 2 48.8 KB
A8.1 Vestibule 142.0 KB
A8.2 Bakery And Seating 194.9 KB
A8.3 Bakery And Seating Elevations 163.7 KB
A8.4 Deli Enlarged Plan Elevation And Sections 178.4 KB
A8.5 Deli Sections and Details 179.5 KB
A8.6 Produce 119.2 KB
A8.7 Produce Prep 162.6 KB
A8.8 Meat & Aprons Sections & Details 136.0 KB
A8.9 Seafood Enlarged Plan 167.6 KB
A8.10 Pharmacy 108.7 KB
A8.11 Pharmacy Elevations 150.3 KB
A8.12 Pharmacy Sections And Details 151.4 KB
A8.13 Offices Enlarged Plans And Elevations 184.4 KB
A8.14 Omni-Channel Seating And Lounge Elevations 166.1 KB
A8.15 Restrooms And Details 148.5 KB
A8.16 Associate Restroom And Mop Sink - Janitor 147.3 KB
A8.17 Ada Compliant - Details 178.3 KB
A9.1 Details - Floor And Miscellaneous 234.3 KB
A9.1 Publix Ceiling Plan 869.2 KB
A9.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan 723.4 KB
A9.1 Reflected Ceiling Plans 269.5 KB
A9.2 Details - Roof 224.6 KB
A9.3 Details - Roof 144.2 KB
A9.4 Details - Partitions And Setup Information 131.7 KB
A9.5 Metal Trim Plan 153.2 KB
A9.6 Metal Trim Details 278.6 KB
A10.1 Publix Roof Plan 392.8 KB
A10.1 Roof Plan 369.2 KB
A10.1 Roof Plan 2 208.7 KB
A12.1 Ul Design Details 559.3 KB
A12.1 Ul Design Details 2 648.4 KB
C-0.0 Revision Sheet 235.0 KB
C-0.0 Revision Sheet 2 259.7 KB
C-1.0 Overall Site Plan 231.4 KB
C-1.0 Overall Site Plan 2 242.9 KB
C-1.1 Enlarged Site Plan 1.7 MB
C-1.1 Enlarged Site Plan 2 1.7 MB
C-1.2 Partial Site Plan 1.5 MB
C-1.3 Truck Movement Plan 264.9 KB
C-1.4 Temporary Site Access & Staging Plan 1.0 MB
C-1.5 Accessibility Plan 296.3 KB
C-2.0 Overall Utility Plan 234.4 KB
C-2.0 Overall Utility Plan 2 244.1 KB
C-2.1 Enlarged Utility Plan 232.9 KB
C-2.1 Utility Plan 1.4 MB
C-2.2 Utility Plan 159.5 KB
C-2.3 Utility Plan 184.2 KB
C-3.0 Overall Grading Plan 342.7 KB
C-3.0 Overall Grading Plan 2 372.0 KB
C-3.1 Enlarged Grading Plan 409.9 KB
C-3.1 Enlarged Grading Plan 2 286.6 KB
C-3.2 Grading Plan 312.2 KB
C-3.3 Grading Plan 338.0 KB
C-4.0 City Of Villa Rica Buffer Plan 219.2 KB
C-4.0 Overall Phase I Erosion Control Plan 430.6 KB
C-4.1 Phase I Erosion Control Plan 1.4 MB
C-4.2 Phase I Erosion Control Plan 321.2 KB
C-4.2 Phase I Erosion Control Plan 2 321.2 KB
C-5.0 Overall Phase II Erosion Control Plan 439.1 KB
C-5.0 Road Profiles 265.6 KB
C-5.1 Phase II Erosion Control Plan 268.8 KB
C-5.1 Road Profiles 768.9 KB
C-5.2 Phase II Erosion Control Plan 330.2 KB
C-5.2 Sight Distance Profiles 533.8 KB
C-5.3 Phase II Erosion Control Plan 319.6 KB
C-6.0 Overall Phase III Erosion Control Plan 458.7 KB
C-6.0 Road Cross Section 437.1 KB
C-6.1 Phase III Erosion Control Plan 268.0 KB
C-6.1 Road Cross Section 439.2 KB
C-6.2 Phase III Erosion Control Plan 309.0 KB
C-6.2 Road Cross Section 454.6 KB
C-6.3 Phase III Erosion Control Plan 315.3 KB
C-6.3 Road Cross Section 447.5 KB
C-6.4 Road Cross Section 389.8 KB
C-7.0 Overall Erosion Control Phase I 296.8 KB
C-7.0 Sanitary Sewer Profiles 563.1 KB
C-7.1 Enlarged Erosion Control Phase I 1.6 MB
C-7.1 Sanitary Sewer Profiles 669.9 KB
C-7.2 Sanitary Sewer Profiles 475.5 KB
C-8.0 Overall Erosion Control Phase II 301.5 KB
C-8.0 Storm Sewer Profiles 599.2 KB
C-8.1 Enlarged Erosion Control Phase II 357.3 KB
C-8.1 Storm Sewer Profiles 546.8 KB
C-8.2 Storm Sewer Profiles 482.3 KB
C-9.0 Construction Details 457.8 KB
C-9.0 Overall Erosion Control Phase III 316.2 KB
C-9.1 Construction Details 449.4 KB
C-9.1 Enlarged Erosion Control Phase III 368.7 KB
C-9.2 Construction Details 482.4 KB
C-9.3 Construction Details 323.0 KB
C-10.0 Construction Details 822.7 KB
C-10.0 Storm Sewer Profiles 484.7 KB
C-10.1 Construction Details 709.9 KB
C-10.1 Storm Sewer Profiles 469.2 KB
C-10.2 Construction Details 893.2 KB
C-10.2 Storm Sewer Profiles 445.1 KB
C-10.3 Construction Details 99.1 KB
C-10.4 Construction Details 114.0 KB
C-11.0 Construction Details 543.1 KB
C-11.0 Construction Details 2 1.0 MB
C-11.1 Construction Details 536.8 KB
C-11.1 Construction Details 2 170.3 KB
C-12.0 Construction Details 715.5 KB
C-12.0 Construction Details 2 743.0 KB
C-12.1 Construction Details 714.3 KB
C-12.2 Construction Details 430.9 KB
C-12.3 Construction Details 683.7 KB
C-13.0 Construction Details 790.0 KB
C-13.0 Construction Details 2 391.8 KB
C-13.1 Construction Details 370.4 KB
C-13.2 Construction Details 1.1 MB
C-13.3 Construction Details 953.8 KB
C-13.4 Construction Details 187.8 KB
C-13.5 Construction Details 250.1 KB
C-13.6 Construction Details 120.2 KB
C-13.7 Construction Details 851.1 KB
C-13.8 Erosion Construction Details 245.8 KB
C-14.0 Construction Details 850.2 KB
C-14.1 Construction Details 471.9 KB
C-15.0 Construction Details 9.7 MB
C-15.1 Construction Details 336.0 KB
C-15.2 Construction Details 153.5 KB
C-15.3 Construction Details 917.0 KB
C-15.4 Construction Details 198.8 KB
C-15.5 Construction Details 174.1 KB
CS Cover Sheet 207.8 KB
CS Cover Sheet 2 218.2 KB
E1.0 Canopy Electrical Plan 2.0 MB
E1.0 Electrical Legend 165.9 KB
E1.0 Electrical Legend 2 461.7 KB
E1.1 Electrical Lighting Plan 304.6 KB
E1.1 Electrical Specifications 189.1 KB
E1.1 Electrical Specifications 2 786.3 KB
E1.1a Electrical Secondary Lighting Plan 228.5 KB
E1.1B Electrical Track Lighting Aiming Guide 148.1 KB
E1.1C Lighting Dimensions 116.0 KB
E2.0 Canopy Photometric Plan 2.0 MB
E2.0 Power Plan 452.2 KB
E2.0 Power Plan 2 563.4 KB
E2.1 Electrical Power Plan 327.6 KB
E2.1 Underground Conduit Plan 390.4 KB
E2.1A Electrical Floor Penetrations 103.0 KB
E2.2 Electrical Roof Plan 134.9 KB
E3.0 Lighting Plan 405.6 KB
E3.0 Power Riser Diagram 536.0 KB
E3.1 Electrical Refrigeration Power Plan 197.7 KB
E3.1a Electrical Refrigeration Control Wiring Plan 151.2 KB
E3.1B Electrical Refrigeration Schematics 204.3 KB
E3.1c Electrical Refrigeration Schematics 232.0 KB
E3.1D Electrical Refrigeration Schematics 131.0 KB
E4.0 Panel Schedules 558.3 KB
E4.0 Power Riser Diagram 372.8 KB
E4.1 Electrical Communication Plan 191.0 KB
E4.1 Panel Schedules 388.8 KB
E4.1A Communication Device Locations 133.7 KB
E4.1b Communication Details And Schedules 124.9 KB
E4.1c Communication Specifications And Installation Notes 308.1 KB
E4.2 Panel Schedules 247.0 KB
E5.1 Electrical Ems Plan 165.9 KB
E5.1A Electrical Ems Sched And Details 293.6 KB
E6.1 Electrical Fire And Burglar Alarm Plan 229.3 KB
E6.1a Electrical Fire And Burglar Specifications 491.0 KB
E7.1 Electrical Riser Diagram 219.3 KB
E8.1 Fixture And Symbol Schedules 194.9 KB
E9.1 Electrical Details 163.2 KB
E10.1 Electrical Device Elevations 69.4 KB
E10.1a Electrical Device Elevations 63.7 KB
E10.1B Electrical Device Elevations 70.2 KB
E10.1C Electrical Device Elevations 47.4 KB
E10.1d Electrical Device Elevations 64.9 KB
E11.1 Electrical Panel Schedules 295.1 KB
E11.1a Electrical Panel Schedules 239.0 KB
EP1.0 Electrical Photometric Plan 1.0 MB
EQ1.1 Equipment Plan 312.3 KB
EQ1.2 Grocery Schedules 56.9 KB
ES1.0 Electrical Site Plan 856.6 KB
ES2.0 Electrical Site Details 639.6 KB
FP1.0 Canopy Fire Protection Plan 1.9 MB
FP1.0 Fire Protection Plan 383.4 KB
FP1.0 Fire Protection Plan 2 494.6 KB
FP1.1 Fire Protection Plan-Upper Level 194.1 KB
FP1.2 Fire Protection Plan-Lower Level 184.6 KB
FP2.0 Fire Protection Details 127.4 KB
FP2.0 Fire Protection Details 2 297.8 KB
FP2.1 Fire Protection Detail And Notes 290.4 KB
FP3.1 Fire Protection Sections 192.7 KB
L-100 Landscape Plan 1.2 MB
L-101 Landscape Specifications & Details 339.2 KB
L-200 Irrigation Plan 284.2 KB
L-201 Irrigation Specifications & Details 291.2 KB
LS1.1 Life Safety Plan 212.9 KB
M1.0 Mechanical Plan 375.7 KB
M1.0 Mechanical Plan 2 379.8 KB
M1.1 HVAC Floor Plan 244.6 KB
M2.0 Mechanical Notes & Schedules 325.2 KB
M2.0 Mech Notes & Schedules 633.5 KB
M2.1 HVAC Details 168.4 KB
M2.1 Mechanical Details 560.4 KB
M2.1 Mech Notes & Schedules 477.2 KB
M2.2 HVAC Details 154.3 KB
M3.1 Schedules And Details 294.5 KB
M3.2 HVAC Schedules And Details 125.7 KB
M4.1 HVAC Roof Plan 61.2 KB
M4.2 HVAC Sections And Air Balance 154.3 KB
M5.1 HVAC Hood Elevations 189.3 KB
M6.1 HVAC Controls 245.7 KB
P1.0 Plumbing Plan 401.1 KB
P1.0 Plumbing Plan 2 389.8 KB
P1.1 Plumbing Plan 303.8 KB
P1.1 Water And Gas Plumbing Plan 208.8 KB
P1.2 Water Plumbing Isometric 104.5 KB
P1.3 Enlarged Rest Room Plan 115.3 KB
P1.4 Gas Piping Isometric 58.7 KB
P2.0 Plumbing Notes & Schedules 378.7 KB
P2.0 Plumbing Notes & Schedules 2 702.5 KB
P2.1 Sanitary Waste Plumbing Plan 252.3 KB
P2.2 Sanitary Waste Plumbing Isometric 116.5 KB
P3.1 Floor Drains Dimension Plan 141.5 KB
P4.1 Plumbing Schedules & Details 224.6 KB
P5.1 Plumbing Details 193.8 KB
P5.2 Plumbing Details 119.1 KB
P5.3 Grease Interceptor Calculations And Details 124.2 KB
PM-1 Specifications 515.6 KB
PM-2 Specifications 551.0 KB
PM-3 Specifications 508.5 KB
PM-4 Specifications 513.4 KB
PM-5 Specifications 474.9 KB
PM-6 Specifications 493.3 KB
PM-7 Specifications 538.9 KB
PM-8 Specifications 553.6 KB
PM-9 Specifications 512.0 KB
PM-10 Specifications 406.5 KB
R1.1 Refrigeration Floor Plan 223.4 KB
R1.2 Refrig. Piping Plan - Dx Loop (Low Temp) 145.6 KB
R1.3 Refrig Piping Plan - Dx Loop (Medium Temp) 180.8 KB
R2.1 Refrig. Specs Heat Reclaim Piping Detail Enlarged Deli Dim. Plan 334.9 KB
R2.2 Refrig. Schedules 256.9 KB