Cook Elementary School Kitchen Renovation Winston-Salem, NC

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A1.0 Cover Sheet 177.4 KB
A2.0 Existing Kitchen Plan 140.0 KB
A2.1 Kitchen Equipment Schedule 194.4 KB
A2.2 Elevation 315.9 KB
E0.1 Electrical Cover Sheet 199.9 KB
E0.2 Electrical Details 496.5 KB
E1.1 Electrical Demolition Plan 458.4 KB
E1.2 Electrical Roof Demolition Plan 275.8 KB
E2.1 Kitchen New Work Plan-Lights 658.6 KB
E2.2 Kitchen New Work Plan-Power 667.2 KB
E2.3 New Work Plan Roof 449.7 KB
E3.1 Hood Vendor Drawings 731.5 KB
E3.2 Hood Vendor Drawings 663.6 KB
E3.3 Hood Vendor Drawings 574.4 KB
E3.4 Hood Vendor Drawings 828.7 KB
E3.5 Hood Vendor Drawings 975.4 KB
E3.6 Hood Vendor Drawings 618.7 KB
E3.7 Hood Vendor Drawings 533.6 KB
E3.8 Hood Vendor Drawings 526.3 KB
E3.9 Hood Vendor Drawings 559.3 KB
E3.10 Hood Vendor Drawings 414.2 KB
E3.11 Hood Detail Drawing 614.7 KB
M0.1 Mechanical Cover Sheet 281.7 KB
M0.2 Mechanical Schedules & Details 640.5 KB
M1.1 Demolition Plan 64.3 KB
M1.2 Demolition Plan Roof 44.2 KB
M2.1 New Work Plan 576.3 KB
M2.2 New Work Plan Roof 66.6 KB
M3.1 Captive Hood Drawings 102.5 KB
M3.2 Captive Hood Drawings 93.2 KB
M3.3 Captive Hood Drawings 80.9 KB
M3.4 Captive Hood Drawings 826.7 KB
M3.5 Captive Hood Drawings 87.5 KB
M3.6 Captive Hood Drawings 105.4 KB
M3.7 Captive Hood Drawings 61.7 KB
M3.8 Captive Hood Drawings 81.7 KB
M3.9 Captive Hood Drawings 81.5 KB
M3.10 Captive Hood Drawings 50.9 KB
P0.1 Cover Sheet & Schedules 171.3 KB
P0.2 Legend Detail 436.2 KB
P1.1 Demolition Plan Waste & Vent 84.1 KB
P1.2 Demolition Plan - Water 85.7 KB
P2.1 New Work Plan - Waste & Vent 99.6 KB
P2.2 New Work Plan - Water 122.4 KB