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A0.0 Cover Sheet 1.8 MB
A0.1 Code Sheet 599.0 KB
A0.2 Accessibility Details 2.8 MB
A1.1 Site Plan 430.2 KB
A2.1 Floor Plan & Wall Types 668.2 KB
A2.2 Roof Plan & Details 331.8 KB
A3.1 Exterior Elevations & 3D 646.6 KB
A4.1 Wall Sections & Details 1.0 MB
A5.1 Window Elevations & Details 673.8 KB
A5.2 Door Types, Details & Schedule 356.2 KB
A6.1 Enlarged Plans & Interior Elevations 676.2 KB
A6.2 Enlarged Plans & Interior Elevations 487.3 KB
A6.3 Millwork Details 443.3 KB
A7.1 Reflected Ceiling Plans & Details 394.0 KB
A8.1 Finish Plan, Schedule & Details 2.0 MB
A9.1 Signage Plan & Schedule 669.6 KB
A10.1 Furniture, Fixtures, And Equipment Plan 594.7 KB
AL-1 ALTA NSPS Land Title Survey 705.6 KB
DM-1 Demolition Plan 707.8 KB
DN-1 Detail Sheets 584.9 KB
DN-2 Detail Sheets 412.5 KB
E0.1 Electrical Specifications 585.2 KB
E0.2 Electrical Legends 686.9 KB
E1.0 Electrical Site Plan 532.7 KB
E2.0 Lighting Plan 555.1 KB
E3.0 Power Plan 515.6 KB
E3.1 Roof Power Plan 498.4 KB
E4.0 One-Line Diagram And Schedules 1.1 MB
EC-1 Sediment And Erosion Control Plan 747.3 KB
EC-2 Sediment And Erosion Control Notes 231.9 KB
EC-3 Sediment And Erosion Control Details 505.4 KB
GD-1 Grading And Drainage Plan 742.5 KB
GN-1 General Notes 288.3 KB
LL-1 Landscape Plan 851.2 KB
LL-2 Landscape Notes And Details 1.1 MB
LP-1 Lighting Plan 864.8 KB
LP-2 Lighting Notes And Details 4.8 MB
M0.1 Mechanical Notes 505.1 KB
M1.0 Mechanical Plan 926.3 KB
M2.0 Mechanical Schedules 792.4 KB
M3.0 Mechanical Load Calculations And Energy Compliance 505.8 KB
MEP0.0 MEP General Notes 619.4 KB
P0.1 Plumbing Notes 462.7 KB
P1.0 Plumbing Plans 1.2 MB
P2.0 Plumbing Schedules 718.8 KB
P3.0 Plumbing Riser Diagrams And Details 724.3 KB
S0.0 General Structural Notes 249.0 KB
S0.1 Structural Rendering 5.2 MB
S1.0 Foundation Plan 263.4 KB
S2.0 Roof Framing Plan 607.5 KB
S3.0 Foundations Sections 277.5 KB
S4.0 Framing Sections 261.5 KB
S5.0 Brace Sections 279.9 KB
S6.0 Typical Details 247.1 KB
SP-1 Site Plan 151.4 KB
SU-1 Site Utilities Plan 651.3 KB
Title Sheet 742.2 KB
TT-1 Truck Turning Plan 106.1 KB