Aldi #41 Spanish Fort, AL

New Construction
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Name Size
001 17-648 C-0 COVER SHEET-C-0 1.4 MB
003 17-648 D-1 DEMOLITION PLAN-D-1 964.6 KB
004 17-648 ES-1 PH1 EROSION PLAN-ES-1 1.3 MB
005 17-648 ES-2 PH2 EROSION PLAN-ES-2 1.4 MB
006 17-648 ES-3 EROSION DETAILS-ES-3 853.5 KB
007 17-648 C-1 SITE PLAN-C-1 1.1 MB
008 17-648 C-2 GRADING PLAN-C-2 1.3 MB
009 17-648 C-3 UTILITY PLAN-C-3 1.1 MB
01-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G001-Permit Bid 419.2 KB
010 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-4 1.1 MB
011 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-5 1.0 MB
012 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-6 894.7 KB
013 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-7 508.6 KB
014 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-8 518.7 KB
015 17-648 C-4 DETAILS-C-9 925.8 KB
016 17-648 L-1 Landscape Plan 01.25 1.1 MB
02-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G002-Permit Bid 630.7 KB
03-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G003-Permit Bid 273.3 KB
04-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G004-Permit Bid 336.8 KB
05-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G005-Permit Bid 404.1 KB
06-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G006-Permit Bid 400.7 KB
07-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-G007-Permit Bid 397.5 KB
08-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S001-Permit Bid 139.3 KB
09-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S101-Permit Bid 196.1 KB
10-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S102-Permit Bid 156.5 KB
11-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S111-Permit Bid 214.3 KB
12-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S112-Permit Bid 162.6 KB
13-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S301-Permit Bid 275.0 KB
14-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S302-Permit Bid 239.8 KB
15-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S303-Permit Bid 368.1 KB
16-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S304-Permit Bid 344.1 KB
17-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S401-Permit Bid 167.0 KB
18-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S402-Permit Bid 173.1 KB
19-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S403-Permit Bid 189.6 KB
20-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S404-Permit Bid 191.5 KB
21-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S405-Permit Bid 180.7 KB
22-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S406-Permit Bid 164.9 KB
23-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S501-Permit Bid 142.7 KB
24-Spanish Fort_ AL-41-S502-Permit Bid 361.9 KB
25-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A001-Permit Bid 398.2 KB
26-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A101-Permit Bid 553.5 KB
27-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A102-Permit Bid 548.9 KB
28-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A111-Permit Bid 448.6 KB
29-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A121-Permit Bid 433.2 KB
30-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A131-Permit Bid 557.7 KB
31-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A201-Permit Bid 867.7 KB
32-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A202-Permit Bid 910.4 KB
33-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A211-Permit Bid 630.6 KB
34-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A212-Permit Bid 712.4 KB
35-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A213-Permit Bid 460.0 KB
36-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A214-Permit Bid 553.9 KB
37-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A215-Permit Bid 684.7 KB
38-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A216-Permit Bid 460.5 KB
39-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A301-Permit Bid 763.2 KB
40-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A302-Permit Bid 727.8 KB
41-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A303-Permit Bid 847.5 KB
42-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A304-Permit Bid 680.7 KB
43-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A305-Permit Bid 848.4 KB
44-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A306-Permit Bid 751.0 KB
45-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A401-Permit Bid 524.2 KB
46-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A402-Permit Bid 403.7 KB
47-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A501-Permit Bid 623.0 KB
48-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A502-Permit Bid 870.7 KB
49-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A503-Permit Bid 842.3 KB
50-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A504-Permit Bid 554.6 KB
51-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A505-Permit Bid 573.0 KB
52-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A506-Permit Bid 441.8 KB
53-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A507-Permit Bid 517.2 KB
54-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A511-Permit Bid 475.6 KB
55-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A512-Permit Bid 466.9 KB
56-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A513-Permit Bid 474.3 KB
57-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A601-Permit Bid 526.5 KB
58-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A602-Permit Bid 506.3 KB
59-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-A603-Permit Bid 406.7 KB
60-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P101-Permit Bid 324.9 KB
61-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P102-Permit Bid 256.6 KB
62-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P201-Permit Bid 327.6 KB
63-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P301-Permit Bid 226.9 KB
64-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P401-Permit Bid 227.8 KB
65-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-P501-Permit Bid 216.2 KB
66-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-FP101-Permit Bid 373.6 KB
67-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-FP201-Permit Bid 315.3 KB
68-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-H001-Permit Bid 227.7 KB
69-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-H101-Permit Bid 522.8 KB
70-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-H201-Permit Bid 425.6 KB
71-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-SE101-Permit Bid 209.5 KB
72-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-SE102-Permit Bid 294.5 KB
73-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E001-Permit Bid 156.8 KB
74-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E101-Permit Bid 301.9 KB
75-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E102-Permit Bid 390.0 KB
76-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E201-Permit Bid 304.0 KB
77-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E301-Permit Bid 262.7 KB
78-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E401-Permit Bid 377.0 KB
79-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E402-Permit Bid 399.1 KB
80-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E501-Permit Bid 199.4 KB
81-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-E502-Permit Bid 281.4 KB
82-Spanish Fort _Daphne_ AL-41-CLP101-Permit Bid 233.7 KB
Poured Wall CMU foundation 917.8 KB