High Point University High Point, NC Chick-Fil-A Renovations

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A-201 Floor Plan - Notes And Schedules 1.0 MB
A-201.1 Floor Plan Notes & Schedules 1.0 MB
A-211 Finish Plan 569.7 KB
A-211.1 Finish Plan 480.6 KB
A-212 Finish, Door, & Hardware Schedule, Caulking Guidelines 1.2 MB
A-221 Reflected Ceiling Plan 1.2 MB
A-221.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan 829.5 KB
A-601 Interior Elevation 617.6 KB
A-602 Interior Elevation 378.8 KB
A-621 Interior Details 878.9 KB
A-901 Curb Plan 582.9 KB
A-902 Countertop Plan 632.1 KB
A-903 Millwork Elevations 670.0 KB
A-904 Millwork Sections 1.1 MB
A-905 Millwork Sections 1.1 MB
D-201 Demolition Plan Notes & Schedule 1.2 MB
D-201.1 Demolition Plan Notes And Schedule 1.1 MB
D-202 Demolition Reflected Ceiling Plan 110.5 KB
D-202.1 Demolition Reflected Ceiling Plan 1.0 MB
D-203 Temporary Barrier Details 658.4 KB
E0 Electrical Symbol Legend & Notes 313.0 KB
E1 Electrical Floor Plan - Lighting 425.7 KB
E2.1 Electrical Floor Plan - Power 534.1 KB
E2.2 Electrical Floor Plan - Power 395.1 KB
E3 Electrical Equipment Schedule 304.9 KB
E4 Electrical Riser Diagram 395.1 KB
E5 Electrical Details 308.0 KB
F-201 Branding And Furnishing Plan 834.8 KB
G-000 Cover Sheet 1.2 MB
G-001 General Notes 316.1 KB
G-002 Context Plan 559.1 KB
G-003 Life Safety Plan 902.2 KB
G-004 National Account And Responsibility Schedules 765.6 KB
G-005 Appendix B 4.1 MB
G-006 Appendix B 2.4 MB
K-001 General Notes 179.4 KB
K-201 Kitchen Equipment Plan 315.7 KB
K-211 Enlarged Equipment Plan 408.1 KB
K-212 Enlarged Equipment Plan 196.4 KB
K-601 Electrical Rough-In Elevation 400.2 KB
K-602 Electrical Rough-In Elevation 390.1 KB
K-603 Electrical Rough-In Elevation 207.8 KB
K-611 Plumbing Rough-In Elevation 418.0 KB
K-801 Equipment Schedule 174.7 KB
K-802 Equipment Schedule 161.1 KB
K-901 Kitchen Details 234.2 KB
K-902 Kitchen Details 216.8 KB
K-903 Kitchen Details 1.2 MB
K-904 Kitchen Details 621.4 KB
M1 Mechanical Symbol Legend & Details 265.9 KB
M2 Mechanical Floor Plan & Notes 336.3 KB
M3 Mechanical Specifications 245.1 KB
P1 Plumbing Symbol Legend, Schedules & Specifications 242.4 KB
P2 New Plumbing Waste & Water Floor Plan 519.6 KB