Elon University Elon, NC Acorn Coffee Shop Renovation

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A1.01 Cover Sheet 906.7 KB
A2.01 Renovation Floor Plan & Partitions 756.3 KB
A3.01 Renovation Ceiling Plan 578.9 KB
A4.01 Exterior And Interior Elevations And Details 1.0 MB
C1.0 Existing Conditions Site Plan 580.8 KB
C2.0 Site Plan 694.5 KB
C3.0 Grading And Storm Drainage Plan 768.0 KB
D2.01 Demolition Floor Plan 272.2 KB
D3.01 Demolition Ceiling Plan 527.1 KB
E100 Electrical Cover Sheet 1.3 MB
E200 Electrical Demolition Plan 210.8 KB
E300 Electrical Renovation Plan 485.5 KB
E400 Electrical Details 723.3 KB
E401 Electrical & Fire Penetration Details 329.9 KB
FP101 Fire Protection Demolition & Renovation Plans 553.8 KB
FP201 Fire Protection Renovation Plan 277.9 KB
M001 Mechanical Details 431.5 KB
M101 Mechanical Demolition Plan 318.6 KB
M201 Mechanical Renovation Plan 332.0 KB
M301 Mechanical Details 374.2 KB
P100 Plumbing Notes And Schedules 330.2 KB
P101 Plumbing Demolition Plan - Waste And Vent 233.8 KB
P201 Plumbing Renovation Plan - Waste And Vent 378.4 KB
P202 Plumbing Renovation Plan - Water 357.9 KB
P203 Plumbing Renovation Plan 217.8 KB
P204 Plumbing Renovation Plan 221.9 KB
P301 Plumbing Waste And Vent Riser Diagram 130.0 KB
P401 Plumbing Details 818.9 KB
P402 Plumbing Details 340.8 KB