Belview Recreation Center Renovations Winston Salem NC



Bidding Closed

Bid Date12/2/21 11:00am




2800 Burgandy Street

Division 2-Site: Demo, Site Clearing, Erosion Control, Concrete Paving, Asphalt Paving, Fencing, Landscaping, Water System,
Sanitary Sewer, Site Utilities, Pest Control.

Division 3-Concrete: Building Concrete Subcontractor, Concrete Supplier, Rebar Supplier.

Division 4- Masonry: Masonry Subcontractor, Unit Masonry, Veneer Masonry.

Division 5- Metals: Metal Fabrications, Structural Steel Framing, Steel Decking, Cold Formed Framing, Pipe and Tube Railings, Fall Protection.

Division 6- Wood/Plastics/Composites: Rough Carpentry Interior Architectural Woodwork.

Division 7-Thermal & Moisture Protection: Vapor Barrier and Dampproofing, Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation, Roof Sheathing Panels,
Insulated Wall Panels, Asphalt Shingles, Metal Wall Panels, Fiber Cement Siding Panels, EPDM Roofing, Flashing and Sheet Metal,
Firestopping, Joint Sealants, Expansion Control.

Division 8-Openings: Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Door Hardware and Access Controls, Glass and Glazing, Aluminum Entrance and Storefronts,
Coiling Counter Doors, Louvers.

Division 9-Finishes: Metal Stud/Drywall/Acoustical Ceilings, Tiling, Resilient Floor, Wood Flooring, Tile, Painting Sound Absorption Wall Panels.

Division 10-Specialties: Toilet Partitions and Accessories, Fire Protection Specialties, Signage, Canopies.

Division 11-Equipment: Athletic Equipment.

Division 12-Furnishings: Plastic Laminate Casework, Roller Shades.

Division 15- Mechanical: Plumbing, HVAC, Sprinkler Systems.

Division 16-Electrical: Electrical.