Elevate Apartments North & South Pensacola FL

New Construction


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Bid Date2/4/22 5:00pm




3811 West Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, FL 32526

The project is located in Pensacola, Florida and will occupy 12 acres. The project consists of approximately 362,762 square feet of enclosed area that is made up of 318 units located in 3 apartment buildings and 26 townhome buildings, as well as a clubhouse with units above. The project also includes a clubhouse with pool, maintenance building, car wash station, and other amenity structures. The project includes earthwork, storm drainage and utilities, termite control, hardscape, landscaping, paving, post tension concrete foundations, gypsum concrete, brick veneer, misc. metal fabrications, metal stairs, handrails and railings, wood framing, wood floor and roof trusses, interior millwork, insulation, asphalt shingles, fiber cement siding, waterproofing, caulking and sealants, doors and frames, garage doors, vinyl windows, storefront openings, door hardware, glazing, gypsum wallboard assemblies, ceramic tile, vinyl plank, carpet, painting, miscellaneous building accessories, bathroom accessories, mailboxes, residential equipment, residential casework, window treatments, swimming pool, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, mechanical systems and electrical systems.