WAWA #8681 Ruckersville, VA

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date7/2/24 12:00pm




8878 Seminole Trail, Ruckersville VA

This is a 6460 sq ft stand alone convenience store including site work. (W50FB Version) WAWAs tentative start is early November 2024. The bid package is in my email below. Forward all RFIs to Independence Construction. 

IMPORTANT SITE WORK NOTE - This is a  PAD READY site. Review the DOW - Division of Work COLOR Plans for Site Work.  We will price work by "WAWA GC" only that is identified on the DOW Plans. Do not price any work to be done by the  "LL" (landlord) or by "WAWA PC" (petroleum contractor). 

Direct ALL RFIs regarding WAWA projects to ICV 

vsanson@icvgc.com  757-490-1500

DO NOT contact WAWA, the architect, engineer, or the landlord.