E.L. Miller ES Upgrade Stone Mountain GA



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Bid Date6/16/22 12:00pm




919 Martin Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088

This project is for construction services of the following scope of work including but not limited to:
• Remove and replace roof top units and HVAC system with water source heat pumps in the 1981 and 1986 buildings.
• Remove and replace existing HVAC piping for new HVAC equipment.
• Provide new controls and instrumentation associated with new HVAC system.
• Replace electrical service in 1981 building.
• Replace lighting systems throughout the classroom buildings with LEDs.
• Replace existing kitchen hood system and kitchen equipment as needed.
• Replace all drinking fountains in hallways.
• Site improvements to include curb and pedestrian sidewalk repairs, new site exterior lighting, remediation and /or resurfacing of playing fields.
• Investigate, remediate, and repair existing exterior storm drainage.
• Replace exterior fencing and guardrails as needed.
• Security Vestibule.
• Remove and replace carpet in room 101 and other areas as needed – coordinate extent.
• Kitchen Scope – Remove wood storage shelves from Dry Storage and replace with metal shelves, provide new Epoxy floor in Dry Storage, Install HVAC in Kitchen, add refrigerator in Kitchen across from Cooler/Freezer and leave Cooler/Freezer as is and relocate Ice Cream cooler.
• Replace damaged casework throughout school – coordinate extent.
• Replace VCT in areas where Casework is replaced.
• Replace thin dividing partitions between classrooms with new wall construction with Good STC rating and a door.
• Address VCT issues in newer building addition to get it to look good – replace if necessary.
• Cafeteria Scope – Paint to look more like elementary school, Paint acoustical wall treatments, Paint existing ceiling grid to match ceiling tiles and replace damaged 2×4 ceiling tiles and replace or clean ceiling diffusers, Replace or supplement tack strips.
• Repair/Replace all expansion joint infill inside building as needed.
• Exterior Scope – Repair/Replace expansion joint infill outside as needed, Address sink holes that are occurring around existing concrete vault, investigate way to access roof with lockable ladder, Address storm drainage issues in courtyard and water accumulation on sidewalk at rear of building – provide possible trench drain at sidewalk edge.

• Please include Specification Section 21 0002, Alternate No.1, Replace all Sprinkler Heads in Building, as separate line items on your quote.

• Construction mobilization is scheduled to start September 2022, and be substantially completes by July 31, 2023