Tidal Wave Auto Spa Athens GA

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date6/10/22 4:00pm




4425 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605

Site Acreage: 1.647 Acres
Building SF: 3,525sf
Structural Type: Masonry and Wood Truss
Brief Project Description: Vacant out lot to be grubbed, graded, new utilities, bio pond, site finishes, two new buildings (car wash & compressor) with painted split face and EIFS exterior veneers.

2. Site Construction
2-c Erosion Control Yes
2-d Sitework, Grading Yes
2-f Site Utilities (Storm, Water, Sewer) Yes
2-j Striping & Site Signage Yes
2-k Asphalt paving Yes
2-m Landscaping Yes
2-n Irrigation Yes
2-p Fencing Yes – East Property Line
2-r Surveying Yes

3. Concrete
3-a Soil Treatment Yes
3-b Concrete Material Yes
3-c Concrete Labor Yes
3-d Concrete Turnkey Proposals Yes
3-e Concrete Pumping Yes
3-f Stone / Aggregate Yes
3-g Rebar / Wire Mesh Yes

4. Masonry
4-a Brick Material N
4-b Block Material Yes – 8” Reg, 8” Splitface, 8” Splitface Bond, 8” Splitface Corners
4-c Masonry Accessories Yes
4-d Masonry Labor Yes
4-e Masonry Turnkey Yes
4-k Precast (Sills, Water Table, Caps) Yes – Dumpster Wall Caps

5. Metals
5-a Building Steel Material Yes – Trench Angle & Misc

6. Carpentry
6-a FRP Material Yes – Extrutech
6-b FRP Install Yes – Extrutech
6-c Cabinetry Yes
6-d Countertops Yes
6-i Wood Truss Material Yes
6-j Wood Truss Install Yes
6-k Lumber Material – Structural Wood Yes
6-l Lumber Install (Bldg Framing) Yes
6-m Bolt Package Yes

7. Thermal and Moisture Protection
7-a Roofing – TPO, Duralast, Flat Roof Yes
7-c Roofing – Shingle Roofing Yes – Vacuum Building
7-f Stucco or EFIS Yes
7-h Batt Insulation Yes
7-k Caulking Yes

8. Doors and Windows
8-a Doors, Frames, Hardware Yes
8-b Doors, Frames, Hardware Install Yes
8-c Garage/Roll-up Doors Yes
8-e Storefront & Glass Yes

9. Finishes
9-a Acoustical Yes
9-b Drywall & Metal Studs Yes; please include wood blocking in your quote
9-d Flooring (VCT, Carpet, LVT) Yes – Vinyl Base
9-e Flooring (Ceramic or Quarry Tile) Yes
9-f Flooring (Polished, Stained, Epoxy, Sealed) Yes – Sealed
9-k Painting (Interior & Exterior) Yes

10. Specialties
10-a Bathroom Accessories Yes
10-b Fire Extinguishers Yes

15. Mechanical
15-a Plumbing Yes
15-e HVAC Turnkey Yes
15-g Mechanical Testing & Balance Yes

16. Electrical
16-d Electrical Turnkey Yes

Who handles NPDES monitoring? Do you handle since you’re handling testing? We will handle the 3rd party CMT (you will handle the scheduling) but we will need you to handle the NPDES

Is there a fence at the East side of the property? Looks like that symbol is on most sheets, but it’s not on the site plan and not labeled anywhere that I see. Do an add alternate for a 6’ privacy fence

Who provides the washer, dryer, eye wash? Washer/dryer FBO eyewash station GC

Responsibility Matrix notes we’re to include Millwork, but there are no details for the millwork in the plans. We’ll need this detail to provide pricing or we can just provide an ALLOWANCE. I’ll try to get the detail from arch. in the meantime provide an allowance

Vacuum building calls for a shingle roof, but the elevations seem to show a standing seam metal roof. We are to price shingle? This is one of the clarifications that I asked the arch. about. Please price metal roof

Are we to include an insulation in the masonry, core-fill? Core fill is fine

Do you really want R-30 insulation on the roof? It’s not typical for these car washes. That is high. I will ask Arch if that is for the com-check. Please price the R-30 for the time being and we will adjust

Please be sure to update your bid intent below for our records.