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Tenant Build Out


Bidding Closed

Bid Date11/18/22 12:00pm




980 Rowland St., Clarkston, GA 30021

  1. Do you have the as-built structural drawings so we can match specs for the new slabs?  This link will provide you the structural drawings from the previous project.

  2. Does 190BB corridor get the exposed deck painted? Yes

  3. What is the spec on the new ramp handrails? See 05/7.2. Sorry should have been clearer. Is the handrail wood or round steel?

  4. David mentioned he wanted pricing to remove the courtyard light bollards (qty 16) and replace with an exterior, flush, up light. Is this something you would like me to include as an alternate? That is Not at this time

  5. Is there any rough LV / AV / access control design? No – LV/AV/Access control will be by Owner.

  6. Is there a spec on the  window blinds / shades for existing and/or new storefront? No – Please show an add alt for window treatments. We will price mini blinds unless something else is desired.

  7. What is the spec on the sprayed on deck insulation found in the built out parts of Building 400?  K13. Can you confirm it is K-13 light grey and what is the thickness of the application?