Northeast Georgia Food Bank Athens, GA

New Construction
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50 8 Iv ewkw Bridge Road 233.0 KB
A001 Life Safety And Egress Plans 303.8 KB
A101 Floor Plan 349.4 KB
A111 Enlarged Floor Plans 313.2 KB
A112 Enlarged Floor Plans 193.1 KB
A121 Dimension And Partition Plans 299.2 KB
A131 Reflected Ceiling Plans 422.8 KB
A132 Reflected Ceiling Plans 275.0 KB
A133 Reflected Ceiling Plans 199.1 KB
A150 Roof Plan 178.1 KB
A200 Building Elevations 274.3 KB
A201 Building Elevations 217.6 KB
A300 Building Sections 382.7 KB
A301 Building Sections 462.5 KB
A400 Wall Sections 307.7 KB
A401 Wall Sections 182.4 KB
A500 Details 184.5 KB
A501 Details 234.3 KB
A600 Door Schedule And Notes 224.7 KB
A601 Finish And Window Schedule And Notes 189.3 KB
C000 Title Sheet 328.4 KB
C100 Site Plan 914.1 KB
C200 Grading Plan 1.2 MB
C300 Utility Plan 1.4 MB
C310 Utility Details 863.1 KB
C400 Espcp - Initial Phase 161.2 KB
C401 Espcp - Intermediate Phase 185.4 KB
C402 Espcp - Final Phase 215.5 KB
C403 Espcp - Notes 340.3 KB
C404 Espcp - Notes 203.6 KB
C405 Espcp - Details 208.7 KB
C406 Pre-development Drainage Map 121.8 KB
C407 Post-development Drainage Map C407 193.5 KB
C510 Details 147.7 KB
C511 Details 113.8 KB
C512 Details 1.7 MB
C513 Profiles 74.9 KB
C600 Details 108.4 KB
C601 Details 260.5 KB
C700 Tree Management Plan 237.4 KB
CS Cover Sheet 685.8 KB
E001 Electrical Notes 411.7 KB
E002 Electrical Details 136.0 KB
E003 Electrical Schedules 197.0 KB
E004 Panel Schedules 533.0 KB
E005 Panel Schedules 486.2 KB
E006 Oneline Diagram Add alt Backup Power 148.8 KB
E100 Power Plan - Overall 367.9 KB
E101 Lighting Plan - Overall 349.3 KB
E102 Power Plan - Admin 422.2 KB
E103 Lighting Plan - Admin 228.6 KB
E104 Power Plan - Agency 284.8 KB
E105 Lighting Plan - Agency 201.0 KB
G002 Drawing Index 171.5 KB
G003 Code Summary 179.2 KB
G004 Symbols And General Notes 226.9 KB
G005 Building Reference Plan 637.8 KB
G006 Wall Types And Legend 204.5 KB
G007 Ada And Communication Elements 340.5 KB
M001 Mechanical Notes 132.1 KB
M002 Mechanical Schedules 1.5 MB
M003 Ventilation Schedules 1.1 MB
M100 Mechanical Plan - Overall 418.6 KB
M101 Mechanical Plans - Admin 415.0 KB
M102 Mechanical Plans - Agency 371.3 KB
P001 Plumbing Notes 365.7 KB
P100 Plumbing Plan - Overall 301.7 KB
P101 Domestic Water Plans - Partial 205.8 KB
P102 Sanitary Sewer Plans - Partial 199.8 KB
P103 Gas Plan 238.8 KB
P104 Gas Riser And Details 151.9 KB
S001 Notes 1.0 MB
S100 Building Foundation Plan 425.0 KB
S101 Beam And Column Plan 337.1 KB
S200 Specific Foundation Plans 413.3 KB
S201 Specific Bean column Plan 315.6 KB
S300 Footing Details 493.7 KB
S301 Joint And Plate Details 364.4 KB
S302 Dock Pit Details 579.2 KB
S303 Step Footing Details 383.9 KB
S500 Cold Storage Slab Details 850.6 KB
S501 Agency Freezer Slab Detail 213.3 KB