Beaver Toyota St Augustine FL

New Construction


Accepting Bids

Bid Date5/25/22 4:00pm




2995 US Highway 1 South, St Augustine, FL 32086

Building SF: 164,215 SF
Structural Type: Concrete Tilt Wall & Structural Steel
Brief Project Description: Sitework is being handled by Owner. Pricing from existing grade to new building construction. Structure is an insulated Concrete Tilt Walls with Steel columns, joists, and decking. There is some stone, ACM, EIFS, & Paint exterior veneers. Owner is handling all of the interior equipment, except millwork, residential appliances, vanities, restroom accessories, and fire extinguishers. There are spray applied fire coatings and special fire assemblies. There is a 2nd floor of office space. Owner is handling the mezzanine for parts area.

2. Site Construction
2-l Brick Pavers Yes – Concrete below, base, pavers, & roof top pavers

3. Concrete
3-a Soil Treatment Yes
3-b Concrete Material Yes
3-c Concrete Labor Yes
3-d Concrete Turnkey Proposals Yes
3-e Concrete Pumping Yes
3-f Stone / Aggregate Yes
3-g Rebar / Wire Mesh Yes
3-h Concrete Accessories Yes
3-i Tilt-up Concrete Walls Yes – Insulated Tilt Wall Panels

4. Masonry
4-a Brick Material N
4-b Block Material Yes
4-c Masonry Accessories Yes
4-d Masonry Labor Yes
4-e Masonry Turnkey Yes
4-h Stone Material Yes – Eldarado Stone & Natural Stone
4-i Stone Labor Yes – Eldarado Stone & Natural Stone
4-j Stone Turnkey Yes – Eldarado Stone & Natural Stone
4-k Precast (Sills, Water Table, Caps) Yes

5. Metals
5-a Building Steel Material Yes
5-b Building Steel Labor Yes
5-c Building Steel Turnkey Yes

6. Carpentry
6-c Cabinetry Yes
6-d Countertops Yes
6-e Wood Interior Trim Material Yes – 1×6 T&G Plank, C & Better Yellow Pine
6-f Wood Interior Trim Install Yes

7. Thermal and Moisture Protection
7-a Roofing – TPO, Duralast, Flat Roof Yes
7-e ACM Panels Yes
7-f Stucco or EFIS Yes
7-h Batt Insulation Yes
7-k Caulking Yes
7-l Moisture Protection Yes
7-m Fire Proofing Yes

8. Doors and Windows
8-a Doors, Frames, Hardware Yes
8-b Doors, Frames, Hardware Install Yes
8-c Garage/Roll-up Doors Yes
8-d Automatic Doors Yes
8-e Storefront & Glass Yes

9. Finishes
9-a Acoustical Yes
9-b Drywall & Metal Studs Yes; please include wood blocking in your quote
9-d Flooring (VCT, Carpet, LVT) Yes
9-e Flooring (Ceramic or Quarry Tile) Yes
9-f Flooring (Polished, Stained, Epoxy, Sealed) Yes – Sealed – Ashford Formula, Sika Color140SG
9-k Painting (Interior & Exterior) Yes

10. Specialties
10-a Bathroom Accessories Yes
10-b Fire Extinguishers Yes
10-c Restroom Partitions Yes
10-d Awnings Yes
10-f Blinds Yes – Roller Shades per spec
10-m Residential Appliances Yes – Fridge, Ice Maker, Microwave, & Dishwasher
10-u Elevators (including vertical lifts) Yes
10-z Knox Box Yes
10-dd Shelving Yes – Details to follow

15. Mechanical
15-a Plumbing Yes
15-b Fire Sprinkler Yes
15-e HVAC Turnkey Yes
15-g Mechanical Testing & Balance Yes

16. Electrical
16-d Electrical Turnkey Yes
16-e Fire Alarm Yes – include BDA Monitoring System
16-j Lightning Protection Yes