Return/Refund Policy for Services

Large Document Imaging, Inc. dba LDI Reproprinting makes an effort to ensure that we have provided you our absolute best – professionally, and ethically speaking. However, due to the nature of the services provided, refunds will not be provided once you have purchased and/or completed the printing of hard copy plans/specs or digital file downloads. If you feel that Large Document Imaging, Inc. has not performed the printing of hard copy plans/specs or digital file downloads to your satisfaction, please contact us here by emailing support@ldireproprinting.com.


Upon your purchase of hard copy plans/specs or digital file downloads, you will receive an email with an order confirmation number, name of project ordered, total cost of purchase and in the case of digital file downloads, a link to download files or in the case of hard copy plans/specs, a shipping method confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

An LDI Plan Room dba LDI Line subscription is FREE and available at no charge. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and all subscription benefits will terminate on the date upon which you cancel your subscription.