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A1 Floor Plan And Wall Construction Types 482.5 KB
A1.1 Fixture Egress Plan And Details 718.0 KB
A1.2 Enlarged Plan Details Sections And Elevations 498.4 KB
A1.3 Details Sections And Elevations 500.3 KB
A1.4 Enlarged Plan Details Sections And Elevations 116.3 KB
A2 Reflected Ceiling Plan And Legend 709.4 KB
A3 Elevations 748.2 KB
A3.1 Elevations 396.3 KB
A4 Schedules, Notes, Details And Sections 379.1 KB
A4.1 Details And Sections 136.7 KB
CS1 Notes, Legend And Key Plan 498.6 KB
D1 Demolition Plan 59.3 KB
DS1 Reach-In Units Details And Specifications 730.1 KB
DS2 Walk-In Units Details And Specifications 85.6 KB
DS3 Walk-In Units Details And Specifications 425.7 KB
E-1 Power Plan 1.1 MB
E-2 Lighting Plan 1.3 MB
E-3 Schedules, Notes & Details 2.5 MB
E-4 Notes & Riser Diagram 781.2 KB
EM-1 Energy Management Plan 285.4 KB
EM-2 Energy Management Plan 533.8 KB
EM-3 Energy Management Plan 489.4 KB
EM-4 Energy Management Plan 663.8 KB
FA1 Fire Alarm Plan - New Work 197.4 KB
FA2 Fire Alarm Notes Details And Matrix 115.7 KB
FA3 Fire Alarm Specifications 291.9 KB
FAD1 Fire Alarm Plan - Demolition Work 72.1 KB
FP1 Fire Sprinkler Plan - New Work Elevation At Existing Building Riser And 166.7 KB
FP2 Fire Sprinkler Specification Notes And Details 173.5 KB
FPD1 Fire Sprinkler Plan - Demolition Work 90.5 KB
MP-1 HVAC Plan, Notes, Keyed Notes & Legend 949.7 KB
MP-2 Partial Plumbing Plan, Schedules, Details, Isometrics & Keyed Notes 618.8 KB
MP-3 Schedules, & Details 656.1 KB
MP-4 Specifications 320.0 KB
S-1.0 Existing Plan W Structural Modifications 1.0 MB
S-2.0 Fixture Plan W Seismic Anchorage 757.3 KB