Parking Deck Suicide Prevention Decatur, GA



Bidding Closed

Bid Date3/30/23 12:00pm




1670 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033

Description: Magnitude 1-5M.  Contractor shall provide all labor, material, equipment, supervision, safety, and quality control to remove, replace and repair the existing selective components at Parking Structures “K”, “L”, “D”, “E’ and “F” at the Atlanta VA Health Care System, main campus. The work includes railing repair at parking structure “D” and “E”, wayfinding signage installation, safety fence installation at parking structure “D”, new ramp at flagpole area, new walkaway slab at parking structure “D”, spall repairs at parking structure “D” and “E”, retaining wall upgrades at parking structure “L”, lightning protection at all parking structures and providing arc-flash protective measures (labels) where none present, traffic control, pedestrian protection, removal and protection of selective parking structure items, preparation of site for construction, including demolition and repair of existing parking structures components. Phasing is prescriptive to control hospital building and traffic downtime. The contractor is responsible for maintaining life safety and infection control requirements in a patient occupied healthcare campus, for planning and phasing of the work to include installation of temporary infection control measures and for keeping work area clear, clean, and free of loose debris, construction materials and partially installed work that would create a safety hazard or interfere with VA personnel duties and traffic.