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A0.1 Code Study 392.5 KB
A1.0 Wall Types 413.0 KB
A1.1 Floor Plan 504.4 KB
A2.1 Roof Plan 585.6 KB
A2.2 Reflected Ceiling Plan 599.5 KB
A3.1 Building Elevations 837.1 KB
A4.1 Enlarged Plans 603.7 KB
A4.2 Enlarged Plans 564.3 KB
A5.1 Building Sections 339.1 KB
A6.1 Wall Sections 349.4 KB
A6.2 Wall Sections 410.7 KB
A6.3 Wall Sections 590.8 KB
A6.4 Building Details 333.8 KB
A7.1 Door Window Schedules 434.8 KB
A7.2 Head, Jamb & Sill Details 464.0 KB
A8.1 Finishes 402.9 KB
A9.1 Signage 402.0 KB
A10.1 Fixtures, Furnishes & Equip. (Ffe) 363.1 KB
A11.1 Millwork Details 394.7 KB
A11.2 Millwork Details 329.8 KB
A11.3 Millwork Details 172.1 KB
AL-1 Land Survey 279.1 KB
CS Cover Sheet 413.0 KB
CV Cover Sheet 1.3 MB
D1.1 Demolition Floor Plan 348.1 KB
D1.2 Demolition Roof Plan 218.7 KB
DM-1 Demolition Plan 737.7 KB
DN-1 Details Sheet 506.0 KB
DN-2 Details Sheet 252.1 KB
E1.1 Lighting Plan 1.1 MB
E1.2 Power Plan 691.5 KB
E1.3 Electrical Roof Plan 375.0 KB
E2.1 Electrical One Line Diagram 461.3 KB
EC-1 Sediment & Erosion Control Plan 535.0 KB
EC-2 Sediment & Erosion Control Notes 221.3 KB
EC-3 Sediment & Erosion Control Details 553.2 KB
Exhibit A - Site Plan 1.0 MB
Exhibit B - ALTA Survey 2.9 MB
GD-1 Grading & Drainage Plan 648.0 KB
GN-1 General Notes 256.3 KB
LL-1 Landscape Plan 125.2 KB
LL-2 Landscape Notes & Details 759.1 KB
LP-1 Lighting Plan 724.1 KB
LP-2 Lighting Notes & Details 134.2 KB
M1.1 HVAC Floor Plan 684.7 KB
M1.2 Mechanical Roof Plan 443.0 KB
M2.1 Mechanical Schedules & Details 731.3 KB
P1.1 Underslab Plumbing Plan 664.8 KB
P1.2 Plumbing Plan 870.5 KB
P2.1 Plumb Details 526.2 KB
S01 Structural General Notes 402.3 KB
S10 Foundation Plan 449.0 KB
S20 Roof Framing Plan 507.9 KB
S30 Structural Details 463.9 KB
S31 Structural Details 463.4 KB
S32 Structural Details 477.1 KB
SP-1 Site Plan 182.7 KB