Natty Greene's Pavilion Greensboro, NC

New Construction
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1 Survey 937.5 KB
A1.01 Appendix B 6.0 MB
A1.11 Site Life Safety Plan 796.7 KB
A1.12 Life Safety Plan 778.6 KB
A2.01 Floor Plan 1.1 MB
A2.11 Reflected Ceiling Plan 867.2 KB
A2.21 Roof Plan 178.0 KB
A3.01 Door & Glazing Details 330.6 KB
A4.01 Interior Elevations 309.1 KB
A5.01 Exterior Elevations 512.0 KB
A5.02 Exterior Elevations 234.3 KB
A6.01 Building Sections 101.4 KB
A6.11 Wall Sections 463.8 KB
A6.12 Wall Sections 448.1 KB
A6.13 Wall Sections 399.1 KB
A6.21 Section Details 618.3 KB
A6.22 Section Details 618.6 KB
A6.23 Section Details 262.0 KB
A6.31 Exterior Wall Assembly Key 477.3 KB
A7.01 Enlarged Plan Details 491.4 KB
C-001 Existing Site Plan 1.0 MB
C-100 Overall Plan 1.1 MB
C-101 Site Plan 1.2 MB
C-200 Overall Grading Plan 1.1 MB
C-201 Detailed Grading Plan 1.0 MB
C-202 Erosion Control Details 723.1 KB
C-300 Utility Plan 1.1 MB
C-301 Utility Details 192.8 KB
C-302 Utility Details 855.7 KB
C-400 Watershed Plan 228.0 KB
CS Cover Sheet 3.4 MB
E0.0 Electrical Cover Sheet 414.3 KB
E1.1 Level 1 Electrical Lighting Plan & Schedule 579.0 KB
E1.2 Level 1 Electrical Power Plan 462.2 KB
E1.3 Electrical Site Plan 495.2 KB
E1.4 Electrical Site Lighting Plan 901.8 KB
E2.1 Electrical Riser Diagram & Schedules 366.6 KB
E3.1 Electrical Details 426.6 KB
E3.2 Electrical Details 388.0 KB
L1.00 Landscape Specifications 933.9 KB
L1.01 Landscape Specifications 736.2 KB
L2.00 Materials Plan 1.0 MB
L2.01 Layout Plan 1.3 MB
L2.02 Layout Plan 1.3 MB
L2.03 Planting Plan 1.1 MB
L2.04 Lighting Plan 962.8 KB
L3.00 Site Details 583.1 KB
L3.01 Site Details 605.3 KB
L3.02 Site Details 556.9 KB
L3.03 Site Details 565.8 KB
L3.04 Site Details 551.5 KB
L3.05 Site Details 691.7 KB
L4.00 Planting Details 465.5 KB
M001 Mechanical Cover Sheet 1.1 MB
M002 Mechanical Specifications 249.6 KB
M101 Mechanical New Work Plan 383.1 KB
M401 Mechanical Schedules 631.0 KB
M501 Mechanical Details 508.3 KB
P001 Plumbing Cover Sheet 220.0 KB
P002 Plumbing Specifications 298.9 KB
P101 Plumbing New Work Plan 482.2 KB
P102 Roof Plumbing Plan 261.4 KB
P301 Riser Diagrams 264.9 KB
P401 Plumbing Schedules 597.4 KB
P501 Plumbing Details 489.9 KB
S-1.0 General Notes 245.2 KB
S-2.0 Foundation Plan 422.7 KB
S-2.1 Slab Dimension Plan 213.4 KB
S-2.2 Header Framing Plan 620.7 KB
S-2.3 Roof Framing Plan 257.1 KB
S-3.0 Building Sections 510.7 KB
S-3.1 Building Sections & Framing Elevations 370.8 KB
S-4.0 Foundation Details 930.2 KB
S-4.1 Framing Details 307.1 KB
S-4.2 Framing Details 265.6 KB
S-5.0 3d Views 1.9 MB