Phillips Energy C-Store Crestview, FL

New Construction
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1 Boundary & Topographic 1.1 MB
A-8.4 Roof Laddder Details 402.3 KB
A1.0 Egress Accessibility Floor Plan 531.3 KB
A1.1 Accessibility Standards Notes details 713.0 KB
A1.2 Floor Plan And Room Finish Schedule 625.9 KB
A1.2.1 Floor Tile Plan 674.6 KB
A1.3 Finish Dimension Floor Plan, Wall Types And Enlarged Restroom 576.0 KB
A1.4 Equipment Plan 476.5 KB
A1.5 Equipment List 867.7 KB
A1.6 Reflected Ceiling Plan 470.5 KB
A1.7 Roof Plan And Details 1.0 MB
A1.7.1 Roofing Specifications 322.1 KB
A1.8 Floor Penetration Plan 535.7 KB
A1.9 Security System Plan 430.1 KB
A2.1 Exterior Elevations 843.0 KB
A2.1.1 Colored Exterior Elevations 1.0 MB
A3.1 Interior Elevations 293.5 KB
A3.2 Interior Elevations 281.6 KB
A3.3 Interior Elevations 375.8 KB
A4.0 Building Sections 405.1 KB
A5.1 Wall Sections 342.4 KB
A5.2 Wall Sections 342.1 KB
A6.0 Room Key Plan, Door Window Schedule & Types, And Notes 424.8 KB
A8.1 Exterior Architectural Details 673.9 KB
A8.2 Exterior Architectural Details 452.5 KB
A8.3 Exterior Architectural Details 394.2 KB
A9.1 Interior Architectural Details 482.7 KB
A9.2 Interior Architectural Details 383.6 KB
A9.3 Interior Architectural Details 247.1 KB
C1.0 Site Plan 847.3 KB
C1.2 Overlay Site Plan 733.3 KB
C1.3 Roadway Details 246.5 KB
C2.0 Grading & Drainage Plan 1.0 MB
C2.1 Drainage Details 531.0 KB
C2.2 Drainage Details 402.7 KB
C2.3 Drainage Details 388.9 KB
C3.0 Water Sanitary Plan 671.0 KB
C3.1 Lift Station Details 701.1 KB
C3.2 Force Main Leak Test Requirement 241.2 KB
C3.3 Utility Details 448.7 KB
C3.4 Utility Details 637.0 KB
C4.0 Underground Piping Plan 710.3 KB
C5.0 Erosion Control Plan 760.7 KB
C6.0 FDOT Drainage & Curb Details 638.2 KB
C6.1 FDOT Details 541.5 KB
C6.2 FDOT Sidewalk Sign Placement & Turnouts Details 568.5 KB
C6.3 FDOT Pavement Marking & M.O.T Details 764.0 KB
C6.4 FDOT Sign Details 692.5 KB
CE-1.0a Canopy Elevations 764.5 KB
CE-1.0b Canopy Elevations 518.7 KB
CV-B Cover Sheet 943.1 KB
CV-S Cover Sheet 275.5 KB
D1.0 Demolition Site Plan 919.6 KB
E0.0 Electrical Cover Sheeet And Legend 284.7 KB
E0.1 Electrical Specifications 455.4 KB
E1.0 Electrical Site Plan 878.5 KB
E2.0 Electrical Floor Plan 737.4 KB
E3.0 Electrical Lighting Plan 505.2 KB
E4.0 Electrical Roof Plan 487.9 KB
E5.0 Electrical Panel Schedules And Single Line Diagram 3.0 MB
E6.0 CPI Service Equipment Details 1.2 MB
E7.0 CPI Dispenser LV Disconnect Details 746.0 KB
JP1.0 Joint Layout Plan 791.7 KB
LS1 Landscape Plan 199.6 KB
LS2 Landscape Details 731.9 KB
LS3 Irrigation Plan 905.8 KB
LS4 Irrigation Details 777.3 KB
M1.1 Mechanical - Floor Plan 889.7 KB
M1.1.1 Mechanical - Roof Plan 428.2 KB
M1.2 Mechanical Details 291.0 KB
M1.2.2 Mechanical - Notes 310.0 KB
M1.3 Mechanical - Specifications 243.6 KB
MOT1.0 Maintenance Of Traffic Plan 743.6 KB
P1.1 Sanitary Waste Floor Plan 363.9 KB
P1.1.1 Plumbing - Roof Plan 622.4 KB
P1.1.2 Water Supply Floor Plan 379.8 KB
P1.2 Plumbing - Schematics 359.2 KB
P1.3 Plumbing - Specifications 432.9 KB
PH-1.0 Photometric Plan 861.3 KB
S-3.1 Structural Details 655.5 KB
S-3.2 Structural Details 677.4 KB
S1.1 General Structural Notes 242.8 KB
S2.1 Foundation Plan 605.9 KB
S2.2 Roof Framing Plan 558.5 KB
SD1 Misc. Std. Details 639.3 KB
SG-SP Site Signage Plan 721.4 KB
TA-1 Fuel System Specifications 279.5 KB
TA-2 Fuel System Specifications 246.7 KB
TA-2.1 Fuel Piping Plan 715.2 KB
TA-3 Auto Fuel Tank Pad And Details 542.8 KB
TA-3.1 Truck Fuel Tank Pad And Details 549.4 KB
TA-3.2 Auto Fuel Tank & Piping Details 350.1 KB
TA-3.3 Auto Fuel Conduit & Electrical DTLS 329.2 KB
TA-3.4 Truck Fuel Tank And Piping Details 301.4 KB
TA-3.5 Truck Fuel Conduit And Electrical DTLS 276.7 KB
TA-3.6 Fuel Piping & Tank Details 824.4 KB
TA-3.7 Fuel Piping & Split Tank Details 787.2 KB
TA-3.8 Fuel Piping & Split Tank Details 838.3 KB
TA-3.9 Fuel Piping & Tank Details 768.4 KB
TA-4 Dispenser & Piping Details 681.7 KB
TA-4.1 Truck Fuel Dispenser Details 514.6 KB
TA-5 Control Diagram 401.1 KB
TA-6 System Wiring Diagrams 513.5 KB
TA-7 Veeder Root SHT 1 330.2 KB
TA-8 Hazard Zones 537.6 KB
TA-9 Overfill Alarm Details 320.1 KB
TE1.0 Trash ENCL. Details 261.3 KB
TE1.0 Trash ENCL. Details 2 546.8 KB
TR1.0 Fuel Tanker Path Plan 799.7 KB