Dollar Tree Hickory, NC

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A1 Floor Plan Wall Construction Types And Details 155.9 KB
A1.1 Fixture Egress Plan Details And Elevations 122.9 KB
A1.2 Enlarged Plan Details And Elevations 129.5 KB
A1.3 Enlarged Plan Details Section And Elevations 147.3 KB
A2 Reflected Ceiling Plan Legend And Detail 757.9 KB
A3 Interior Elevations 805.2 KB
A3.1 Exterior Elevations 676.2 KB
A4 Schedules, Notes, Details & Sections 191.1 KB
CS2 2018 Appendix B 122.5 KB
CS Cover Sheet 222.0 KB
D1 Demolition Plan & Notes 711.5 KB
DS1 Reach - In Units Details & Specifications 676.5 KB
DS2 Walk-In Units Details & Specifications 84.7 KB
DS3 Walk-In Units Details & Specifications 425.7 KB
E-1 Power Plan 719.8 KB
E-2 Lighting Plan 943.9 KB
E-3 Schedules Notes & Details 2.1 MB
E-4 Electrical Specifications 640.7 KB
EM-1 Energy Management Plan 251.2 KB
EM-2 Energy Management Plan 435.7 KB
EM-3 Energy Management Plan 409.1 KB
EM-4 Energy Management Plan 589.8 KB
FA-001 Fire Alarm General Notes And Legend 212.1 KB
FA-101 Fire Alarm Floor Plan 463.5 KB
FA-501 Fire Alarm Details 392.1 KB
FP-001 Fire Protection General Notes And Legend 215.3 KB
FP-101 Sprinkler Floor Plan 583.0 KB
FP-501 Sprinkler Details 311.9 KB
FP-601 Sprinkler Conceptual Riser 489.3 KB
MP-1 HVAC & Plumbing Plan Isometrics & Keyed Notes 867.2 KB
MP-2 Schedules, & Details 1.1 MB
MP-3 Specifications 318.8 KB
S1 Roof Framing Plan 316.2 KB
S2 Sections & Details 224.3 KB
SA1 Fixture Plan - Seismic Anchorage 317.2 KB
SA2 Seismic Anchorage Details - Gondola 496.2 KB
SA3 Seismic Anchorage Details - Rack 535.4 KB
SA4 Seismic Anchorage Details - Freezer Cooler 330.9 KB