Sarasota County Wendell-Kent Regional Pump Station Rehabilitation Phase 1 Sarasota, FL



Bidding Closed

Bid Date3/15/23 2:30pm




2500 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34240

Project Description:

The Contractor shall complete the following work at the Wendell Kent Regional Pump Station site including, but not limited to:
1. Installation of multiple bypass pumping systems, including portable tanks, line stops, bypass piping, permanent bypass access points, etc. as depicted on plans and described herein.
2. Demolition of existing wetwell lid, baffle, manhole, existing piping, concrete pads, etc. and equipment relocation as indicated on plans and described herein.
3. Wet well rehabilitation, including rehabilitation and repair of existing wet well walls and floor, new grout benching, new polymer concrete lid, new polymer concrete insert, new liner system, stop logs and slide gate, new pump risers, Reinstallation of existing pumps, replacement of base elbows and guiderails, and new level indication.
4. Replacement of 30-inch force main with new 36-inch HDPE pipe and fittings force main/gravity sewer, connection to existing 12-inch force main, valves, access vault, and split to future wet well.
5. New expanded pump station discharge header assembly, diesel pump suction and discharge piping, and new concrete pads.
6. New discharge flow meter, pressure indication, bypass piping assembly, and concrete pad.
7. New wet well mixing pump system.
8. New diesel backup pump system, external fuel tank, fuel conditioning system, tank stairs, and concrete pads.
9. New equipment pads, ductwork, drains, power and control wiring for new odor control system and relocation of chemical treatment system. Performance testing of new odor control system. Facilitation of odor control replacement and chemical treatment relocation and/or replacement.
10. Electrical and controls improvements, site lighting, improvements inside and outside existing control building.
11. New enclosure improvements and fuel tank recoating for existing generator.
12. Instrumentation system upgrades compliant with current County SCADA standards
13. Site work including stormwater grading, site grading, new surfaces, fence and gate improvements