Chipotle Madison GA



Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/2/24 4:00pm




1931 Eatonton Highway Madison, GA 30650

Site Acreage: N/A
Building SF: 2,075 SF
Structural Type: Wood Stud/ Wood Framed
Brief Project Description: Existing freestanding Krystal building with existing drive thru lane. Building to be modified to become a Chipotle. Exterior scope of work includes new exterior wall finishes (replacing EFIS), replacement of storefront, updating pickup window, new delivery door in existing opening, new cooler in existing location, new roof top mechanical equipment, new roof material, building expansion on North and South facades. Interior scope includes demo of the majority of the interior space and rebuild to Chipotle design standards and layout.

2. Site Construction
2-b Demolition (Interior or Exterior) Yes- Please include only demo within the building footprint/ Please include the roof demo/ Please include sawcutting for new footings and plumbing in slab/ Please include exterior elevations demo
2-c Erosion Control Yes
2-d Sitework, Grading Yes- Please include only site demo, please compare to C-111 when bidding demo/ Please include removing the existing cooler freezer at backside of building
2-f Site Utilities (Storm, Water, Sewer) Yes
2-j Striping & Site Signage Yes- Please see C-111 and SP100
2-k Asphalt paving Yes- New paving for ADA compliance/ Please include an alternate add for seal coating the rest of the parking lot.
2-m Landscaping Yes- Please include overstory tree per note 16 on C-111
2-p Fencing Yes- Slat wall system (SP103) on backside of building furnished by API and installed by contractor/ Metal railing on roof parapet
2-r Surveying Yes
2-s Construction Material Testing Yes

3. Concrete
3-a Soil Treatment Yes
3-b Concrete Material Yes, 3000/4000 PSI / Estimated CY:  75-125 CY
3-c Concrete Labor Yes- Please include pouring back plumbing trenches for new sanitary lines/ Please include site work
3-d Concrete Turnkey Proposals Yes- Please include pouring back plumbing trenches for new sanitary lines/ Please include site work
3-e Concrete Pumping Yes
3-f Stone / Aggregate Yes, #57 Stone / Estimated tons: 25-75 TN's
3-g Rebar / Wire Mesh Yes- Please include dowels for saw cut sanitary pour back

5. Metals
5-c Building Steel Turnkey Yes- Dumpter gates, Mandoor at dumpster, Bollards, Building Steel misc.

6. Carpentry
6-a FRP Material Yes
6-b FRP Install Yes
6-h Kitchen Equipment (Install Only) Yes- Misc. Installs/ Please include slat wall, cooler, patio rail, roof top rail, misc. interior items, and metal siding
6-m Bolt Package Yes

7. Thermal and Moisture Protection
7-a Roofing - TPO, Duralast, Flat Roof Yes- New Roof- Fully Adhered PVC and rigid insulation/ Please include providing rigid insulation for under cooler freezer slab and on exterior walls
7-b Roofing - Metal Roofing Yes- Metal panels at north and south elevations
7-f Stucco or EFIS Yes
7-h Batt Insulation Yes
7-k Caulking Yes

8. Doors and Windows
8-a Doors, Frames, Hardware Yes
8-b Doors, Frames, Hardware Install Yes
8-e Storefront & Glass Yes- Please include all exterior breakmetal/ Please include replacing drive thru window
8-g Window Film Yes- Frosted Film

9. Finishes
9-a Acoustical Yes
9-b Drywall & Metal Studs Yes; please include wood blocking in your quote/ Please include all wood framing, columns, and studs/ Please include framing EFIS bump out on front elevation
9-e Flooring (Ceramic or Quarry Tile) Yes
9-f Flooring (Polished, Stained, Epoxy, Sealed) Yes
9-k Painting (Interior & Exterior) Yes

10. Specialties
10-a Bathroom Accessories Yes
10-b Fire Extinguishers Yes
10-d Awnings Yes- API

15. Mechanical
15-a Plumbing Yes
15-e HVAC Turnkey Yes

16. Electrical
16-d Electrical Turnkey Yes- Please include site electrical