PACE of the Southern Piedmont Kannapolis, NC

New Construction
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A0.1 Cover Sheet - 2018 Appendix B Code Summary, Abbreviations & Location Map 593.2 KB
A0.2 Life Safety Plan & Occupancy Load Diagram 530.3 KB
A0.3 General Accessibility Standards 538.5 KB
A0.4 Partition Details & Fire Rated Assemblies 478.6 KB
A1.1 Floor Plan 652.0 KB
A1.2 Mechanical Platforms Plan & Mock-Up Panel Information 342.8 KB
A1.3 Door Schedule & Door Frame Elevations 550.8 KB
A1.4 Door Head, Jamb & Sill Details 427.2 KB
A1.5 Window Elevations, Head & Jamb Details 475.5 KB
A1.6 Signage, Handrail & Corner Guard Details 179.9 KB
A2.1 Reflected Ceiling Plan, Legend & Notes 706.6 KB
A2.2 Reflected Ceiling Plan Details 290.7 KB
A3.1 Enlarged Plans & Details 477.6 KB
A3.2 Enlarged Plans & Details 328.5 KB
A3.3 Enlarged Plans & Details 278.7 KB
A3.4 Casework Interior Elevations 443.1 KB
A3.5 Casework Interior Elevations 413.8 KB
A3.6 Casework Interior Elevations 326.4 KB
A3.7 Casework Interior Elevations 324.9 KB
A3.8 Casework Interior Elevations 301.3 KB
A4.1 Roof Plan 363.9 KB
A4.2 Roof Details 435.8 KB
A4.3 Roof Details 320.7 KB
A5.1 Details 300.4 KB
A6.1 Exterior Building Elevations 426.8 KB
A6.2 Exterior Building Elevations 358.6 KB
A6.3 Dumpster Enclosure Plan, Elevations & Details 317.8 KB
A7.1 Building Sections 423.2 KB
A7.2 Building Sections 214.8 KB
A7.3 Building Sections 239.6 KB
A8.1 Wall Sections 322.9 KB
A8.2 Wall Sections 350.6 KB
A8.3 Wall Sections 453.2 KB
A8.4 Sheathing & Waterproofing Details 951.0 KB
A8.5 Hardie Siding Mfg. Details 285.3 KB
A8.6 Hardie Siding Mfg. Details 269.2 KB
A8.7 Hardie Siding Mfg. Details 688.2 KB
A8.8 Hardie Siding Mfg. Details 269.3 KB
A8.9 Hardie Siding Mfg. Details 345.2 KB
C-0.00 Cover Sheet 1.1 MB
C-1.00 Earthwork Specifications 444.8 KB
C-2.00 Site Plan 1.1 MB
C-2.10 Courtyard Enlargement Plan 872.7 KB
C-3.00 Erosion Control Plan 605.1 KB
C-4.00 Grading + Storm Drainage Plan 1.6 MB
C-5.00 Utility Plan 1.2 MB
C-6.00 Site Details 6.7 MB
C-6.10 Erosion Control Details 1.4 MB
C-6.20 Utility Details 3.9 MB
C-6.30 Storm Drainage Details 5.4 MB
E-1 Electrical Symbols, Schedule & Notes 351.2 KB
E-2 Lighting Plan 746.7 KB
E-3 Power Plan 949.7 KB
E-4 Nurse Call & Access Control Plan 393.9 KB
E-5 Fire Alarm Device Plan 403.8 KB
E-6 Panel Schedules 2.6 MB
E-7 Electrical Details & Notes 273.9 KB
FP-1 Fire Protection Guide Plan 361.3 KB
ID1.1 Finish Plan 424.3 KB
ID1.2 Finish Schedule, Finish Notes 338.0 KB
L-1.00 Landscape Plan 1.0 MB
L-2.00 Landscape Specs & Details 418.2 KB
M-1 HVAC Symbols, Details & Notes 369.1 KB
M-2 HVAC Plan 791.0 KB
M-3 Exhaust & Outside Air Plan 463.4 KB
M-4 HVAC Schedules 234.9 KB
P-1 Plumbing Symbols, Schedules Details & Notes 451.3 KB
P-2 Dwv Piping Plan 393.5 KB
P-3 Water Piping Plan 417.1 KB
P-4 Dwv Riser Diagram 308.1 KB
S1.1 Foundation & Slab Plan 104.4 KB
S1.2 Mechanical Platform Plan 58.8 KB
S1.3 Roof Framing Plan 90.4 KB
S2.1 Foundation Sections & Details 81.7 KB
S3.1 Framing Sections & Details 108.1 KB
S3.2 Framing Sections & Details 108.0 KB
S3.3 Framing Sections & Details, Appendix B Information & Gen. Notes 209.7 KB
S4.1 Specifications 297.2 KB