Publix #1190 Meridianville, AL

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/22/24 3:00pm




12290 Highway 231, Meridianville, AL 35750

This project will consist of demolishing the existing 44,000SF Publix along with a portion of retail spaces, and replacing it with Publix 48.17 Prototype. The abutting 1,200SF unit on the north side of Publix will also be demolished to allow for a pharmacy drive thru, and 2,400SF of the adjacent unit to the south of Publix will be demolished to make room for the new Publix footprint. There is a fire riser in this space that will need to be replaced. Existing utilities and grease traps behind the Publix will need to be replaced to align with the new store footprint.