AMC Orchard 12 Westminster, CO



Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/19/24 1:00pm




14653 Orchard Parkway, Westminster, CO 80023

This will be an open remodel of the AMC Theatre. The work will consist of the following: remodeling approximately 10, 114 of the 64, 356 SF of the building. We will remodel the auditorium, hallway, projection system and associated projection system and associated projection port, sound racks & projection screen material & new seating, railings, speakers, floor & wall finishes. Work will be conducted in a single phase unless otherwise noted. The work includes receiving, unloading, handling, storing, protecting & installing owner-furnished products & making building service connections, including auditorium seats, carpet, and aisle lighting. If your scope causes loud noises or smells, please put in the necessary off hours’ time into your proposal to cover the cost for this work. We will need the follow trades for this remodel. Demolition, concrete saw cutting, concrete, miscellaneous steel and handrails, millwork, insulation, firestopping, spray applied fire stopping, intumescent fireproofing, Doors/frames/hardware, drywall/metal stud framing, ceramic tile, resilient tile, acoustic tile, wall coverings, paint, wall protection (corner guards), fire extinguishers, HVAC, electrical.